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A surprise attack on Salman Rushdie

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Salman Rushdie, well known author of Setanic Versus, which had become highly controversial and an international incident for many years has sparked again. Salman an Indian born author was attacked and stabbed once on neck and then on abdomen. This raised a shocking wave across the world.

Salman Rushdie who was attending a literary event in North America was attacked by a 24 year old, Haidi Mater, a new Jersian. As Mr Rushdie was climbing up the stage to deliver a speech. Haidi stabbed him twice. People immediately caught and handed him over to the police. One of the doctors among the audience was quick enough to render First Aid treatment to Rushdie. Thereafter Salman Rushdie was rushed to a Pennyselvenian hospital for treatment. Rushdie’s agent said, ‘ The vitals of Rushdie is generally okay, so there may be no threat to his life but he may lose an eye’.

The motive of the attack is still not revealed by the police but all fingers are pointing that this incident may be an outcome of fatwa , which was issued by the Iranian religious and political leader Khomeini, calling for the death of Salman Rushdie and his publishers for creating Setanic Versus in the year 1988. Haidi Mater was not even born in the year 1988 but he has taken a revenge on the author. Probably he was instigated by the religious fundamentalists.

By Sahana Sundar

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