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Combating COVID-2019 – a journey together

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The 'Lock-down' situation in a country arises due to an extreme crisis because of some unavoidable factors or conditions. The entire world is going through the crisis of COVID-2019 which nobody of us ever imagined to experience in our lives. Unfortunately, this deadly virus has taken many precious lives and is constantly affecting thousands of others on a daily basis. To this context, recently, India’s Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji announced a complete lock-down in the country for 21 days starting from the midnight of March 24th, 2020. However, all schools, colleges, private offices, transport services, etc., were already shut down by the chief ministers of many states, including the Government of Maharashtra, between the first and third week of March 2020. We are all well aware of that the 21 days lock-down (and the close down even prior to that in many parts of the country and the world) will eventually lead to immense economic loss and a tremendous downfall to our GDP. Despite this hard-hitting fact, our dignified P.M. has made sure that the supply of essential commodities and services continues to thrive via special arrangements through specific guidelines.

The effective steps taken by Modi Ji to combat COVID-2019 are commendable and a majority of the nation supports his decisions wholeheartedly (there are always a negative few who prefer the opposite, luckily, in this case, there are too few to even consider). Despite fear of the Coronavirus, people from across the nation were overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for all those people working on the front-lines to protect us and provide for us during the pandemic. At 5 pm on March 22nd, 2020, people from across the country stepped out of their doors clapping, ringing bells, drumming plates and even blowing conches as thanksgiving and in support of Modi Ji’s appeal for “Janata Curfew” and “TaaliBajao” movement. Creating a joyful moment amidst the extreme fear is not everyone’s cup of tea, but our beloved Modi Ji has made this possible. The approach of Modi Ji in ensuring the safety, survival and well-being of his countrymen is quite praiseworthy and I am sure, just like me, several Indians in their hearts are equally grateful to him for his tireless and dedicated efforts. There is a reason why Modi Ji is followed by millions of people around the world, including top notch corporate leaders; it all boils down to his effective yet humane presentation skills with strategic and prompt action plans. Many people look up to him as their role model because of his unique features, including his indomitable spirit and balanced lifestyle.

It needs great acumen and immense patience to manage a diverse nation like India and we Indians are literally blessed to have Modi Ji as our Prime Minister. He is a man of principles with a generous heart and is also a visionary. Modi Ji, on behalf of the citizens of India, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your dedicated efforts, humility and expeditious actions for our overall wellbeing. Modi Ji, we trust your caliber and wisdom and we know that you will take us through this crisis successfully. The purpose behind writing this write up is threefold, and I unfold them-

  • First, to express my gratitude to our Hon. Prime Minister Modi Ji, and to all the heroes combating Coronavirus.

  • Second, to let our countrymen know that the steering of our ship called life is in safe hands because Modi Ji is our Captain.

  • Last but not the least, to awaken and remind my fellow countrymen to utilize these 21 days wisely and consciously, because time and tide waits for none and these days too shall pass very quickly.

Even as the COVID-2019 crisis continues to grow, how many of us know the true reason that triggers such calamities? Well, many of you might know the reason behind the adversities, but let me throw some light as per my understanding for catastrophes that happen in the world-

  • Excess interruption and exploitation of Nature and its resources like, deforestation

  • Brutalities against animals

  • Atrocities against humanity

  • Excess Corruption, Ego, Greed, Ignorance, and Injustice

In Chapter-4 of Shreemad Bhagwadgita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that, “Whenever there will be extreme atrocities, ignorance and injustice in the world, I will emerge in any form to destroy the corrupt and brutal people and will support the righteous people in re-establishing a clean and enlightened world”. The crisis that the entire world is going through is a live example of the above verse. As a matter of fact, none of the innocent creatures, trees, animals, etc. has their own voice, but Nature has its ways to deliver poetic justice on their behalf. COVID-2019 is the consequence of human brutalities against innocent animals. The universal law of cause and effect has its perfect timing to pay back to so called healthy and advanced lifestyle of humans. To this context, some cognizant people in the past have put down their experiences like, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, “What we give comes back to us”, “Give what you want to receive” and so on. The pandemic of COVID-2019 is an alarming sign to entire humanity and it is high time we reflect upon individual karma's (deeds). Besides the above facts, there is one more aspect to the existing situation, which is the origin of the word ‘crisis’. Now, you might be perplexed as to why I am putting forward this thought, ain’t you? But relax. The origin of the word ‘crisis’ is directly related to the current “lock-down” period. The word ‘crisis’ has been derived from the Greek word 'krisis', which means 'decision'. Therefore, a significant decision of the 21 days lockdown period has already been taken by our Hon. Modi Ji. Now, it’s our turn to take a decision for ourselves. Remember, the decisions are always based upon certain choices that exist in our lives; so let me put down few choices for you and let you choose as per your priority-

  • You can either watch movies or read self-help/spiritual books to transform your life in a new dimension.

  • You can either pass your time by playing mobile games or can try learning to sing, paint, dance and so on.

  • You can either pass your time surfing the internet or can explore and live your passion.

  • You can either gossip about people or can put down your thoughts in the form of blogs, poems, quotes or even in the form of a book.

  • You can either procrastinate or can arrange your messy and haphazard home.

  • You can lie down the whole day or can make your parents, spouse and children actually feel your presence by doing something special or even engaging in healthy conversations.

  • You can either talk about people or can talk to them.

  • You can either spend your time chatting with people or can turn inward and calm down your mental chatter and connect with your higher self.

The ‘lockdown’ period is a blessing in disguise as it allows you to do a lot of things you’ve probably always wanted to do. But, ultimately, the decision making and putting the decision into action is what makes all the difference.

Our Hon. Prime Minister, Indian Government, Medical Fraternity, Police Force, Media Professionals, Municipal Personnel, Banking Employees, Spiritual Healers, Farmers, Essential Commodity & Service Providers, Drivers, IT Professionals and so many unnoticed people are constantly working round the clock by risking their lives for our safety, survival, hygiene and well being and for which each one of us will be always indebted to them. Heartfelt gratitude to all of them for their heroic efforts, courage and patience.

Let’s honour their priceless efforts by consciously investing our time in transforming our lives to become more useful to our families and to the society as a whole for a higher cause.

Let’s take a pledge!

Together we will combat COVID-2019 by taking the charge of our individual lives.

Jai Hind!

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About Meenakshi Raina

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genre to bring a change in the society.

For more information, visit Meenakshi Raina on her facebook page @

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