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My first shooting for a movie

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

While I was in VIII or IX, I remember participating in a film shooting, most of you might have also participated and the name of the film was do aur do paanch.

Does anyone here remember.? Wasnt it an unusual experience where there was thrill, enthusiasm, desire, loss and disappointment.

The film had a big star cast like Hemamalini and Dharmendra. There was also a child artiste by name Bittoo.

Bittoo stood in a corner encircled by fire, while Hemamalini rushes to the boy and rescues him. This was rather a spectacular and thrilling experience to all of us.

The next shot was a short scene where We rode our bicycles in the vast Ashoka hotel campus lead by Hemamalini. And after about ten minutes, we all laid down our bicycles one next the other and it almost looked like a heap. Around 100 odd bicycles were laid if I am not wrong. The film makers without any consideration decided to drive two trucks on our bicycles., some owned and some hired by the students. We helplessly saw our bicycles trampling into pieces under the heavy wheels.

By Sahana Sundar


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