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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Manish Aggarwal

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

We live in an age when many of us are in fear and insecurity. Only a few are at peace and feel abundance. In this age of speed and innovation, things get obsolete very fast. I can say so because of my experience.

One day I was walking in a park with my mind embroiled in my own confusions. I heard a group of people sitting together, involved in a very loud debate. The debate was getting aggressive also.

I stood there to understand the incident and the reason.

‘We are more powerful than you. You don’t have any respect or loyalty. One day you have to pay for this. The cost will be very high.’

The other one responded in the same tone, ‘You haven’t seen or achieved big so you keep cribbing’.

‘Respect and loyalty are dependent on results today. You belong to old school of thought and it is out-dated now.’

The difference of age can be judged clearly. And I able to relate this with the people of middle age today.

In this tech-savvy environment, the pride of knowledge and experience has a very little age. The upcoming generation is more knowledgeable and is more effective than their predecessors. Their learning capacity is higher and so is their confidence. Still they are in the same state - of fear, insecurity and confusion.

Indeed, we are in an age when many of us are in fear and insecurity and a few many in the feel of peace and abundance.

What is the difference between both?

The differentiation lies in the acceptance and adaptability, to stay as learner and welcome the opportunities.

Opportunities are more than ever now.

After having taken two or three rounds, I found a corner bench to sit and spend some more time with my own thoughts.

My attention was fixed at a beautiful tree in my front. A lush green colour, with all branches spreading far, was forming the shape of a big umbrella. The sun rays kept changing their colour on them.

Meanwhile, I find some energy with a combination of irritation and helplessness entering into my aura.

I asked, ’Who are you? I have seen you there in that hot debate’.

She replied, ‘I am Opportunity’.

I am the pursuit of almost everyone. Some seek me for material things and some for satisfaction and peace. Many have selfish motives and a few seek for selfless purposes.

‘Then, why are you tensed?’ I asked her.

I am confused because of the human conduct. Your thoughts have contaminated us also. And this is the reason of the debate there and my helplessness also.

I am the most powerful. I give the power to the powerful and believe me I am feeling helpless today. What a state!

The reason is fear, insecurity, greed and short-cut attached to me. Today my offspring are more than ever. And still there is hunger and miseries.

I am feeling helpless and weak.’

Opportunity continued, ‘I am a symbol of abundance. Human race has connected their scarcity mind-set to me. This raised the competition and insecurity. The feeling of gratitude is fading in the shine of pride and honour.

I am dependent upon the needs and purpose - wherever people find the capacities to add value, to satisfy the mutual purpose they connect. The common needs and challenges of life join the people together. That’s when I, opportunity, get my identity.’

I asked, ‘Why do we feel that you are in scarcity then?’

‘This is because of your scarcity mind-set. Your mind starts with scarcity and comparison - bringing things to prove, instead of being. People work to prove their eligibility, instead of working on their eligibility.

There is some tomorrow that always scares you, and you belong to some yesterday that never allows you to move ahead. And you spread scarcity and fear.

Every day, every moment you find changes in your surroundings, you spread the message to change but you don’t change. How funny it is!

When you want to stay as it was, you carry the pride into this insanity.

Instead of learning, you build a ritual from every happening. You declare others as lucky who work on me and rise up in life.

My aligned partners are abundance, gratitude and observation. They build purpose, and help to be consistent and persistent. And above all, an understanding of nothing is permanent. Everything wishes to evolve; so as you.

I will meet you at some corner again. Wish to prosperity and health.’

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

About the Author

Manish Kumar Aggarwal, The Mindfood Chef, is a life coach and an author, He encourages and guides people towards realizing awareness via inner communication. He spreads the message of feeling gratitude, joy, and abundance.

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