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Reptilian Resurgence 

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

A serpent dangled from the sky above and took the position of a commander. It was a black serpent with five mouths and from all his five mouths came out great commands. All his commands were for the left-over reptiles that inhabited the earth.  There were frogs on the ground, snakes that twisted and twirled to the trees, great geckos that hopped from one big rock to another, dinosaurs that occupied huge areas, and small lizards that inhabited thatched huts to big mansions on the ground. But all these slimy, creepy, eerie stupid creatures had accepted the five-mouthed serpent as their leader. As evolution had taken the longest stride of replacing the reptile-dominated world with humans, these reptiles had an ardent desire to get back their world and destroy the complete human population to paper. The supreme aim was to take over the world and increase their numbers manifold. The five-headed snake that dangled from the sky had magical powers and asked the white fluffy clouds to rain a kind of bittersweet ambrosia that only reptiles could consume. As the ambrosia rained in torrents, the dinosaurs, put their large tongue out and consumed the maximum. Snakes, lizards, geckos, and frogs drenched themselves in the rain of the bittersweet nectar. It was not doses. that soaked into their bodies, but gallons of the liquid seeped in through their skins. After an hour of continuous rain, the five-mouthed black serpent ordered from all of its five mouths at once…” So my dear reptiles, now is the time to take back our kingdom, our world Dom, your reproduction phase starts now…get yourself conjugated with each other, so multiple babies of your kind are born”. The power was great, and reptiles were it at straight. They reproduced exponentially, occupying larger and larger terrain. The human world that was thickly populated could see these different kind of eerie creatures almost everywhere.


Mary searched for her keys and what did she find when she found it? A lizard sitting on it. “Aaaah!!” she screamed. John, in the next room, tried to rush to Mary and he saw Geckos jumping all inside the house. Sasha, her daughter in the cradle stared open-eyed at the ropes and bars of the cradle entwined with snakes. The dinosaurs attacked all the vehicles that were on the streets and the frogs sat on the noses of every human being. Men and women died of the shock and fear that engulfed them.  Some died of the snake bites and the others were rushed to the hospitals with injuries. The five-headed serpent dangling was greatly pleased to see whatever was happening on the earth. Almost 3/4th of the human population in the verge of destruction!! A few brave-hearted men gathered together, contemplating. Their brains thought together to get rid of this creepy population that was gaining dominance.  One great zoological scientist came up with a solution. He said, “Reptiles are cold-blooded animals, pouring extremely hot oil of around 1000 degrees centigrade may help us to kill these creatures.” All the oil mills and furnaces of the world became active. New oil mills were established and the human population was instructed by their Governments to pour buckets and buckets of oil on all the reptiles that they came across. The black serpent was still reveling in ecstasy. Little did it know about the reverse strategy of the humans. And men, women, children oldies busied pouring tons and tons of oil over these reptiles till the last reptile breathed its last. Slowly, the earth was filled with carcasses, skins, and skeletons of reptiles and this posed another big problem to the human world. The issue was about the disposal of corpses of reptiles.  The black serpent fell on the equator of the earth with a thud and as soon as it brushed the ground, it became bigger and bigger and circled itself concentrically.


Margaret learned from the big fat black book that she borrowed from the library, that the life of the Five-mouthed black serpent was trapped in its tail. She published an article about the five-mouthed black serpent that went viral.  


Finally, a battalion of the army approached the serpent on the equator and crushed its tail with big boulders.  The serpent succumbed, its skin freezing into a statue-like form, with its head popping on top, adorned with little keen eyes and five mouths. The once dominant serpent now stood frozen, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.









Inspired by a wonderful session from Alok on Lies and absurdity



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