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Set to bid bye

By Caroline Allwyn Fernandes

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Would it be a formal note or something that the recipient would want to laugh about?

I would prefer the latter right, so would you inside out.

Some were aware of me leaving or now post reading this note would become aware was the thought.

We had met and shared memories during this journey spanning a few decades of distance run-way,

Laughter and tears, Smiles and smirks made this journey Happy and gay.

Across departments the journey was too long,

A BIG THANKS to all the support and smiles that made everything so easy to get along.

MS office, multiple calls, product and processes

made us all at times nice or crook.

Finally a virtual bye is all it took.

I don't know what I felt when I decided to leave this place,

butterflies and sparrows are now making me sing and dance.

If we are Friends, you would receive a birthday note,

in case a good colleague you may too receive it ditto.

And if you don't, we aren't foes either,

just that you didn’t consider to share your Personal details whatever.

Alvida, Adieu, Adios, Sayonara, Bye is not my cup of tea,

I prefer to meet, laugh, motivate, may be gossip a little over some cookies and hot coffee.

A short prayer for All of you, may you bloom and grow with sunshine around,

let there be happiness and happiness galore, imaginations beyond.

Incase you want to stay in touch, we both will be glad otherwise it's a universal Bye plan.

Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp is something that makes distance shorter,

However a Hi Hello call with yours truly CaAFe, will make this smile last a little longer.

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Caroline Allwyn Fernandes

Caroline writes under the name of CaAFe (not coffee, but KAFI which means enough).

She has always been passionate about narrating stories and sharing her experiences via writing.

Her writing journey began during her college days, when she not only contributed towards the Parish bulletin, but also penned her own speeches for debates and elocution competitions.

The passion to write enhanced at work as she wrote for internal magazines. She now writes to share her thoughts and ideas with the world.

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