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Shambala- The Heavenly Kingdom

By Manju Chandra

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Shambala - The Heavenly Kingdom

Shambala or Gyanganj or Shangri-La , as it may be called is a mythical kingdom in Himalayas. It means “The source of happiness. “ It is the land of immortals. It is said to be located somewhere deep in the range of Himalayas.

Some people dismiss it as a folktale because they can’t locate it in google and the places that don’t exist in google don’t exist for them. If google can’t show a map to reach there, oh dear god! How can you reach there?

You can’t just go there, it is not a picnic spot and there is no flight to reach there. There are documented evidences from people across nations, who have met people who have been to Shambala or had a first-hand experience. Those people had amazing powers which they used only to help someone. They were not allowed to advertise their powers or teach them to anyone as the beings of Shambala themselves choose the worthy candidate and took him there.

One needs to attain the necessary Karma to be a part of that heavenly kingdom. The sages of Gyanganj have enormous powers and do not belong to any religion. They are said to affect all living forms connected to consciousness. We all think we are a power hub of knowledge because we have seen a lot of YouTube videos and read lots of text on the internet.

In 1927, a yogi who had completed his yog education in Shambala revealed that, this secret Yogashram is situated somewhere in Tibet, it can be reached through Kashmir also. Yog education is imparted there. He revealed how his path to Gyanganj was carved. When he was 14 years old, he was bitten by a mad dog, in those days there was no remedy available for rabies. In those days if someone was bitten by a mad dog, he would also die after suffering from a variety of problems as the virus attacks the human brain. It meant a whole lot of agony for the infected person and his family. When the narrator got bitten, he decided to commit suicide as he didn’t want to die a painful death and cause agony to his parents. He made up his mind and decided to drown himself in the lap of the mighty Ganges. He sat on the steps on river Ganga and he noticed a man having bath in Ganga. There was something strange happening there. As the man took a dip, the water of Ganga receded and as soon as he emerged out of the water, the water level rose again. The narrator was very surprised and was looking at this person with awe. Then this supernatural being came straight towards this young boy and said, “Have you come here to end your life?”

The boy cried and told him the entire story and told him that he doesn’t want his parents to bear the mental agony of seeing him die a mad death. This Mahatma just touched the boy’s forehead with his hand and told him, you are cured, go home and flush out your bodily fluids and you don’t have that virus

in your body now.

At this, the boy replied, “you have saved my earthly body, kindly guide my soul too.” At this the Mahatma said, “I am not your guru, but I can take you to him, if you have that deep desire.” But first you need permission from your mother. The boy jumped with joy and left for his home. His enlightened mother, could see that this is no accident, his son has been found by a guru, who will guide his divine path, she readily agreed.

At first this Mahatma took him to a place called Ashtbuja through the astral path. Then they lived in a deserted place for a week, after that he took him to a place which was the center of Yog education situated amidst Himalayas. He said that, this Ashram’s head was 700 years old and his name was Paramhansabraghuram. His gurus name was Mahatpa, he was 2400 years old. He didn’t live in his earthly body. Here he used to impart yogic education, science of siddhis, power of manifestation and knowledge which is far beyond our conceivable limits. He was told that these siddhis (powers) are not for demonstration, they should be used for the purpose they were imparted.

In 1942, an English army officer named LP. Farrel too had an experience of Gyanganj, his experience was published Saptahik Hindustan on May 17, 1959 issue.

You may choose to believe it or dismiss it as myth. But the fact remains we perceive only what we believe in. When you have accumulated enough karma, you never know, your path for Gyanganj may be set when you least expect it.

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About the Author

Manju Chandra is a content strategist, a technical art enthusiast, and a passionate writer with a vision to collaborate and promote art and design enthusiasts worldwide. She has co-authored three books and has gifted her art piece to Dr. Kiran Bedi as well.



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