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The Two Rings

Rajani strongly felt the need not to think of anybody. …but why? All this time. she lost herself, her assertiveness, and her persona, thinking of everybody around her, their well-being, their work, and their feelings. and now she felt to be alone, to be silent and to remake herself. She even desired to put a stop to her seamless memories. The haunting needle of negative recollections pierced deep into her brain. As she sat, surrounded by her table lamp, books, mobile, laptop, junction box, chargers, paper, and pen, the weight of those memories pressed upon her. Her fingers trembled as she struggled to etch something on paper, but the words that emerged made no sense. Tormented, she felt the need to destroy these victimizing feelings, to reshape herself. "Yes," she thought, "this is the first step to remake myself."

It was inevitable. After all, she had to remake herself. Introspection was the need of the day. Thus sat Rajani, thinking all day long. She enlisted herself in her thoughts as one who sees things differently, one who thinks out of the box... She took pains and tormented herself. Still, not a word on her paper. Feelings of disgust and disappointment were rising in her brain…Just then, Rajani heard her daughter's voice from the drawing room..."No, I can’t shut myself up. I can’t live in the world of my own. I should stop all writing and thinking. Nothing is as delightful as being with the family, giving them all that I can, and understanding them. Whatever I thought rather doesn’t make sense. It’s my ardent duty to fill this house with love. It is inevitable and natural for a lady to be the homemaker." Now she felt the need to think of everybody. She ran downstairs, hugged her daughter, took her to the dining table, called others, and began serving on the plates. Her face brightened, a smile crossed her lips… And that smile was the most vibrant and satisfying.

After lunch, everybody left the table and as she reassembled her dishes in the kitchen, the words that she had to etch on the paper came rushing. She ran upstairs, locked her room, and said, Yes, it’s is me time now. As the story was about to complete, she looked down into her mind. and could see two rings... One ring where she enclosed herself and the other ring in which she saw herself being with her children, mother, and guests.



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