Transforming – Emotion into Devotion

By Manju Chandra

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Devotion is a tool to destroy….

Destroy our intentions, aspirations, ambitions so that we cease to be the puppet of our desires and in turn become the hand of the divine. Devotion is not deal with the Divine.

Nowadays we are all dealers and we try to make a deal with everyone and anyone we cross our paths with. People even make deals with the god. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we are incapable of attaining our desires, we turn to someone who we believe can accomplish it for us, and we strike a deal.

But being human, while growing up we have learnt that nothing is free, and people just don’t give favors, we must give something in return, and that should be something the other person lacks or needs, that seals the deal. But God or that super consciousness as we may call it doesn’t lack anything, so there is no barter. When disappointments knock our door, or enter without a warning like the end of a once loving relationship, the loss of a loved one, knockout of a future prospective, a sudden disease. These chains of events render future hopes impossible and we question it as WHY did it happen to me? If we are served with filth, we are tempted to return it manifold. But divine works in a very strange way, if we serve the tree with filth, it transforms the same filth into fragrant flowers or juicy fruits, this is the way of divine.

The thing to learn here is whatever comes our way, we should know how to transform it into something beautiful. Devotion has a tremendous potential. Deal is, you want the best for yourself and you want to give the filth to somebody else, if you do that deal, you will get excluded from way creation is happening.

Emotion is a conscious experience. Emotion is a tool used to draw boundaries. We have one set of emotions for one person and another set for another person. Emotion is an attitude of our conscious mind. They decide if we are happy or unhappy. Negative emotion causes more pain,damage and destruction than a potent poison. It engulfs the mind and being, of the perceiver and the poor soul is left wondering why suffering is coming in search of him. Pain isolates as it is a unique personal experience.

We all understand our pain, so we try our best to preserve ourselves. If we feel the pain of an animal, we will take care of it, if we understand the pain of a tree, we will keep it well and if we expand ourselves and understand the pain of whole cosmos, then we will keep everything well.

Emotion divides, and Devotion unites. Devotion is alluring, abundant it fills your soul with peace and pleasure.

Replace emotion with devotion.

(Featured Image by kumari sky from Pixabay)

About the Author

Manju Chandra is a content strategist, a technical art enthusiast, and a passionate writer with a vision to collaborate and promote art and design enthusiasts worldwide. She has co-authored three books and has gifted her art piece to Dr. Kiran Bedi as well.