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When I met Kareena Kapoor in my dreams

By Hitangxi Bhuta

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

With the changing era of the world, the need of today’s women has also changed. Now she wishes to be independent and believes in marking her individual identity even though her surname is enough. She chooses to work hard instead of being lazy. She makes wonders at work and simultaneously be well organized at home. She is emotional, but her balancing nature had bound all relationships together. She is the Heroine of her own life, she knows to play her role in all characters of life. No one can take away her trophy because her dignity towards work is endless.

Yes, I’m talking about my glittering favorite, Zinda Dil Ladki, Style icon, the woman who is a big inspiration to many women today, Bollywood actress who is a perfect match of beauty with brains 'Kareena Kapoor Khan (Bebo).'

Since her 2000 debut film Refugee, Kareena gave many hit films like 2004 Chameli which gave a new turn to her career. Jab We Met, 3 Idiots, Golmaal, Bodyguard, Heroine, Talaash, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Udta Punjab, Veer Di Wedding, in almost all films she played different characters and maintains her status as the best performer.

She is RJ in her own show on YouTube ‘What Women Want’ where she discloses the myths about fashion and try to change the typical thought about today’s woman by interviewing her friends like Shilpa Shetty, Ravina Tandon, Tapasvi, Manish Malhotra and her own family members including Karisma Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Sara Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan, and Saif Ali khan. She judged Dance India Dance show season 7. She was the one who started size zero in Bollywood and got married in peak years of her career. She came back to her shape very soon after her delivery and recently her new film Good News is a piece of evidence that she didn’t lose her grip of being an excellent performer. She is coming with 3 films Angrezi Medium, Laal Singh Chaddha, and Takht. Not only this, but She also promotes around 20 products and is one of the highly paid actresses. Along with this, she is a co-writer in 3 books, one is an autobiographical memoir and two are nutrition guides.

In Kapoor family, Karisma and Kareena are the first daughters who have maintained the legacy to their family profession as an actor. It gives a feeling of pride to see Kareena Kapoor Khan doing so well and maintaining the same family reputation. On the other side after her marriage with Nawab Saheb Saif Ali Khan, Begum Sahiba never thought to exploit her husband’s money but decided to continue her career with her balancing nature. We know it’s not easy to have good tuning with her husband’s teenage children, but today Sara Ali Khan said in one of her interviews that Kareena is more like a friend to me. Ibrahim Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan carry a great brotherly bond. Karisma Kapoor said in her interview on Kareena’s show 'What Women Want' that today her sister Kareena Kapoor is her role model. I think this is the most prestigious moment for any woman that her family appreciates her dedication. This is a perfect balance of relationships which uplifts her own individuality.

Along with all, she is the Mother of the cutest child Taimur. It is not at all easier to work out with a little child. It requires lots of patience, understanding of priorities and management as required. From zero size to a healthy pregnancy and then again back in shape requires lots of hard work. Her personal health and a healthy baby are two different milestones that she managed and made a great example in front of today’s women that nothing is impossible if you have the spirit to make it done.

Kareena always believes in doing something different in her life. In spite of all the comfort, she chooses to work hard. Resultant, she gifted herself with the costly diamonds snake-shaped ring. Managing happy family relationships and continuing with her own career is not possible without the support of her beloved partner Saif Ali khan who acts as an equal partner and takes care of Taimur when she is out on work.

In the world of glamour, likes and perception of people keep on changing every day. To maintain yourself with the new view (like RJ on YouTube on 'What Women Want'), new ideas, updates of fashion, likes on different social media like Instagram, Facebook page, etc. giving something different to viewers, maintaining same love and respect from fans since last 20 years, is not an easy task.

The satisfaction of motherhood comes with the loving smile of your child. Kareena never believes in explaining herself but tries to prove with her work. She sets an example that today’s women don’t have to accept what she gets but have to make it done and achieve what she wants. She can be on top, but will never skip her priorities. She is strong, courageous, but at the same time, she is lovable, understandable and has proper knowledge of her duties. She can make things wonderful without breaking the heart of her dear ones. Because whatever she is in her life, there is a woman in her heart who only desires love and respect. And that’s what today’s women can make it.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a perfect example of What Women Want in today’s era.

God bless her with lots of abundance in life!

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About the Author

Ms. Hitangxi Bhuta

Hitangxi Bhuta is an avid blogger and expert in two-line and four-line poetry. Her belief in writing and positivism coupled with her practice in Reiki and Tarot reading has empowered her healing therapies for people approaching her for emotional and physical energy balancing. Over the years, she has made it her purpose of life to spread positivity through the power of words.


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