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Young death and the reason behind the same.

By Neelima Mohol

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Strange but sounds true. Very often, we see the news of suicides done by young souls...

Why are children not able to handle stress!

Why is death chosen as escapism from the challenges?

What exactly happens that children fail to value life? 

Reasons :

  • Increased competition 

  • Peer pressure 

  • Fear of failure

  • Comparison

  • Societal pressure 

  • Lack of communication and understanding 

  • Lack of patience and inner peace 

  • Lack of time from parents 

  • Children can't hear "no". Rejection and restrictions are taken negatively. 

  • Other insecurities. 

Parents nowadays are going through a lot of stress when it comes to upbringing the children. Most of the time children fail to realize parents' efforts and they take them for granted. Many times it happens that parents provide their children every little thing they need, and when the parents are unable to provide them with a particular thing, parents are labeled bad.


Many times it also happens that children, as well as parents, compare themselves or their children to others. But it should not be taken in a negative way. And this type of comparison develops jealousy and hatred and revenging attitude. And everyone wants to win, but no one is ready to lose at some point.


Another reason is the body changes that are taking place in the growing age. Which also needs to be addressed with the right lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise on a regular basis. Consumption of water as much as required.


So we can help each other by speaking our hearts, how we feel, what we feel. And for this creating healthy and positive energy and atmosphere is important. Please be alert and aware. Learn to accept the good and the bad and try to talk to someone who you feel comfortable talking to. 

Value life. It's precious. 

(Featured Image by Hasty Words from Pixabay)

About the Author

Neelima Mohol is a Counselor and Psychotherapist with 13 years of experience.

She deals with people from all age groups for their holistic wellness and helps them in their healing!

She is an avid reader and loves writing!

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