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Ms. Sahana Sundar

Spark, led by the most compassionate ‘writing –evangelist’, Ms. Sahana Sundar, is the platform that quintessentially sparks the light within a writer – a light of inspiration, aspiration, and perspiration.  Inspiration to write, aspiration to be read and perspiration to be an author. It takes the writer from a delusional self –doubts to an enlightening to self –confidence. 


Spark authors introduce their craft, share their experiences passionately and connect instantly with their fellow members, simultaneously seeking greener pastures for inspiration and motivation.

The Scintillating, Passionate, Agglomerative, Rapturous and Knowledgeable Spark covers a wide range of topics like Education, Productivity, Stories, Travel, Relationship, Health, Kids and family, psychology, Cookery, Arts, Paintings and sculptures, Culture, Philosophy, Finance, Spirituality, Literature, Writing, Nation-building, Science, environment, Robotics, communication skill, skill-building, archeology, mythology, Astronomy, Leadership, Biographies, Space, history, entrepreneurship, humor and movies.

Spark with a passion for pen and paper has published six books.

The first book  ‘Soul Sojourn’ was launched by spiritual master Sri Ravishankar at his Kanakpura Ashram in Bangalore. It touched on the topic of spirituality wherein our authors expressed the views of spirituality in the form of anecdotes, experiences, and essays.

The second book ‘Delete, Log off, Shutdown Corruption’ was launched by none other than Dr.Kiran Bedi, the true crusader against corruption, The second launch was by Ms.Priya Dutt with great fanfare in Mumbai at Title Waves, Bandra.

A Mega Launch of 4 Unique Books addressing Emotional Intelligence and Fantasy was done on January 20th, 2019 at Taste of Punjab, Bandra, Mumbai. Three of the books are anthologies of writings by Spark’s members on varied topics of mental well-being, relationships, and human emotions. The mega release was graced by eminent personalities Dr. Alok Mishra, former chairman of Brain Research Foundation of India, Chaya Momaya, Dr. Ashish Sen, Chairman of the Forum of Emotional Intelligence Learning India (FEIL),  and Managing Director of AS Consulting & Coaching. Popular industrialist Chhaya Momaya specifically came to launch Zahraa Basta’s book “Supernatural Secret”.

Today Spark has 300 members pan India and has successfully conducted two Writers' Retreats. Through the retreats, Spark mentored writers to become authors. It has published around 18 books to date and has held big individual book launches. The books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Crossworda all over India and all bookstores in Bangalore. It has great social media following both on facebook and Instagram.  Spark Igniting Minds has three YouTube channels. The interview channel has reached thousands and thousands of people and has been greatly appreciated all over India.
Each writeup at Spark is tended, nurtured, pickled, and treasured by Spark’s experienced and discreet core team. In Sparks' books, there is not a minute of boredom and repetition. They keep the reader’s curiosity and interest alive by shifting between prose and poetry, humor and heuristics, introspection and reflection, dialectics and didactics maintaining the underlying spirit of creating an impact.

Come, and join us in our endeavor in bringing a writing revolution.

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