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A Cure

By Sahana Sundar

Founder - Spark Igniting Minds

Grandfather Hagare strutted up and down in deep thought on the planet Aquino, a celestial body, in the universe. He was a seven feet structure, with a chocolate brown skeletal head, blazing eyes, lower jaw slightly projecting out and the body made of soft blue metallic strong muscles. Two antennas popped up on his head. His legs were sturdy but he could not leap or take bigger steps. The tempo of his strutting increased as his thinking became intense. Meanwhile, Ooooey Goooey, who saw his grandfather deep down in thoughts, said to himself, “What is keeping him worried? Why is he strutting so intensely?”

Keeping this in mind Oooey Goooey approached his grandfather and said “What is keeping you worried? Please tell me.”

“Millions and millions of people are dying on planet earth. A strange pandemic called COVID-19 has affected the planet.” Mr. Hagare replied.

“Why are you worried about planet earth Mr. Hagare?

“Because that is the place where I learned this language” “That is the place from where I got my emotions, my feelings, and my love.” It’s like a mother to me, he continued, can you take a bottle of Aquino from here that cures all strains of the pandemic. Give it to Mr. Vikram the great grand heir of Mr. Avish.”

“Who is Avish?, Mr Hagare.” Asked Oooey Goooey.

“He was a scientist. Some six hundred and fifty years back, when I first visited planet Earth, he injected the DNA code in me.”

“DNA code? What is that? Mr. Hagare.”

“It is a special code that induces emotions in any creature that is injected into.”

“Oh! Mr. Hagare, then how did I get these emotions?”

“DNA code is imprinted on every cell of your body and you have inherited the code from me.”

“Oho, is it so? I will surely go and give this to Vikram, this is an ambrosial that keeps all humans get rid of any infection.” Saying this, Oooey Goooey with a bottle of Aquino in his back compartment, boarded the UFO, a big sturdy steel spaceship that was saucer shaped.

On a vast stretch of Greenland, besides the brook, scientist Vikram had created his abode to stay away from the hustle bustle city life, where he could breathe tranquil air. He had a huge medical laboratory, where he conducted his experiments day in and day out, to come out with a vaccine for COVID-19 that kept the disease away.

One day while Vikram was on an early morning stroll he saw an alien de- boarding a spaceship that shaped like a saucer. He stood motionless staring at the seven feet dark brown faced alien with star like blazes in his eyes and skeletal faced who had a slightly protruded jaw. His body was made of soft dark blue metallic muscles. As the alien approached, Vikram’s adrenaline seemed to takeover and the sweat prickled back on his neck.

Oooey Goooey said, “Mr. Vikram.”

At this Vikram looked stunningly surprised- “Oh! He knows human language and to my greater surprise he knows my name too.”

Oooey Goooey said, “My name is Oooey Goooey and I am coming from a celestial place called Aquino. My Grandfather visited this earth 650 years back when a fatal pandemic affected the human population and he cured the disease with Acquino.” He brushed his hand across his cheek that sent chills down Vikram’s spine. His breathing hitched. Vikram gasped with shock and bringing his composure back he said, “So you are our savior?”

He mumbled, “Yes, my Grandfather has great affinity towards earth. One of your fore- fathers had injected a DNA code in him that evoked his feelings. He loves planet earth like his mother.”

“Ohh that’s great! So the DNA code has descended in you too?”

Yes, Vikram yes, my Grandfather taught me this language too.

“That’s really great people are dying here in millions and you have brought only a small bottle of water, how can it cure trillions of people in this world?”

“This is a purely concentrated liquid which can cure all mutations of covid-19. Mix this distilled Aquino which has extracts of all the herbs into the earth’s water. It can also be given as vaccination which can protect human beings from the disease.”

Oooey Goooey handed over that bottle of water to Vikram and zoom it vanished into the air in its UFO. Thus India was able to produce a vaccine and a cure for covid-19, protecting millions and millions of people of the world.

About the Author

Captain Sahana is the founder of Spark Publication and Spark Igniting Minds.

Her remarkable literary skills combined with an illumined vision has made Spark the most cherished and charismatic community among the authors of various genres.

Publishing a book with spark will turn your goals into the vision and your zeal into a mission.
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