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Reflections from Sparkians 

Labyrinth of Relationships


Relationships are bonds that are not meant to be broken. The need of the hour is to improve the relationships that contribute towards happy living. The family of Sparkians has made an effort through their writings in the form of stories, poems and articles to make the bonds between husband-wife, siblings, parent-children, boss-employee, friends and relatives stronger, and the ties powerful.

They have shared their insights to make complex relations simple. They have also suggested ways and means that hold the threads of bonding and weave them into a beautiful fabric of the
relationship. I am proud to present this book 'Labyrinth of Relationships', edited and co-edited by Sulekha Chandra and Syeda F R respectively. I hope you'll enjoy this delightful book as you turn over the pages, sipping your coffee. 
The complicated relationship issues can be untangled only by giving unconditional love to your near and dear ones.

Code, Uncode your Psy-key

Myriad thoughts in one’s head may torment, torture and break down mental stability. As somebody rightly said, the worst place that one can live is in their one’s own heads.

Sparkians, through their rave stories, experiences, anecdotes and articles have suggested remedies, healing techniques, and prevention cues in order to keep one’s mind healthy. They also bring in an awareness that mental health is not detrimental to a family or an individual as conceived by many. People with mental illness are no different from someone with a headache. They deserve the same support, sympathy, love, and compassion as that received by any person with a physical imbalance of health.

People with mental illness are like birds who on one wing are bogged down by depression and on the other wing don’t want to lose their normal world. So let us support them both to stay safe in their nest and to fly with their normal folk.


A melange of outpourings


Someone has rightly said that the emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...


What makes us human?

What makes us different than other living beings?

You guessed it right, 'emotions'. Our emotions set up apart, lend us that human quotient. All our emotions have significance in our lives even those that are troublesome. So what do you do? Put them under lock and key, ignore them, completely blank them out or be at their mercy? The onus is on you, over a span of time i have come to conclusion that the best way to experience catharsis is to write about them.

The book, " A Melange of Outpourings" is a candid revelation of soul-stirring personal stories and a few fictional tell tales by the prolific writers of SPARK. 

Super Natural Secret

Annabeth's past was not all that happy nor did she ever seek attention or is popular.


Now that she is going to high school; she thought being in the shadows and studying would make this phase also pass by normally.


She did not expect a strange intruder to come and turn her world upside down. James is an Alpha of his werewolf pack and has a devilish interest in Annabeth.


While a handsome hunter named Ethan also comes along the way to help Annabeth. Once Annabeth starts venturing out in the world filled with secrets; she comes to know that she herself has been a secret all along.


A thrilling romantic story that will take you to an interesting adventure. This fantasy novel which contains all the elements like dark woods, werewolves, nerds hunters alpha, etc., which attract teenagers just like her and help escape into another word. 

This fiction novel is first in the trilogy series called Supernatural Secret.


Souls' Sojourn


Get set ready for a beautiful spiritual journey and discover why a little magic is essential for life.

Nowadays people don’t want to call themselves religious, they wish themselves to be called spiritual. The much-talented Spark writers have voiced out what spirituality means to them. They quench your thirst for a quest on spirituality and have attempted to give answers to a wide range of questions that you may be pondering over like

• Finding an inner meaning of what life is.
• How prayers, meditation, and quiet reflection helps.
• How going on long walks bring inner peace.
• What are inner values?
• What is inner harmony?
• What is the ultimate purpose of life?
• What is separating I from the body?
• What is real growth and transformation?
• Are my own fears blocking me to do the things I have committed?

Meet Suma Varughese, the editor of Life Positive who has shared her insights on spirituality. Also feel the grandeur of the world culture festival which, has been covered in a unique way. The writers drawn from different walks of life from across the entire country will inspire you into a spiritual journey.

Delete Log Off & Shutdown Corruption

“Where do the evils like corruption arise from? It comes from the never-ending greed. The fight for corruption-free ethical society will have to be fought against this greed and replace it with ‘What Can I Give' spirit. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The book on corruption draws a parallel with another dangerous 'C' Cancer, beginning slowly, violating rules of a locate state, national level, and similar to the human body spreading throughout the country.


In this book, we neither condemn nor preach any "Code of Ethics', we try to cut through the confusion, the mayhem and give you clear, sensible and reliable write-ups on the pathology of corruption from our writers and some experts whose views, you can trust. 

It is for the readers to discern, decide what corruption-free approach they can adopt in their life because, in life, it's not always easy to know what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Can we break this propensity and dream a 'corruption mukth Bharat'?

Our writers through stories, experiences, poems, satires, and essays have aired out their vehemence against corruption. 

It should be everybody's endeavor to delete, log off and shutdown corruption from their lives and prevent it from rolling down to the upcoming generations.

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