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A Loving Tribute to My Gurukul!!!

Updated: May 1, 2020

By Sparkian Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

पिता धर्मः पिता स्वर्गः पिता हि परमं तपः। पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने प्रीयन्ते सर्वदेवताः॥

What should I write about you was my first thought when I started writing this article.

Paa, you cannot be described in few words as words will fall short in front of your towering personality. I still don’t know what relation I share with you. For the whole world, it is of a father and daughter, but for me, it is like soulmates. You have been the Spiritual Anchor, a Philosophical Guide, and an Epitome of Practical Radicalism for me. Every breath I take is a gift from you. Every step I take is guided by you. You might be very far from me, but the fondness with which you call me ‘Sundra’ always echoes and resonates in my mind.

Whatever I am today, is just because of the blessings you seek for me at each moment of your life!

The day I was born, you considered it to be the luckiest day of your life. For you, I was not a baby girl but a blessing of God showered upon you. You still fondly call me your lucky mascot. What else does a daughter need? That’s why when I come across any discrimination between a daughter and a son I really don’t understand that paradox.

I only know that for my dad, I have always been the cynosure of his eyes. You gave me the best in life; whether it was education, food, clothes, or anything I desired and wished for. You never said no to me. For you, I was the best joy God has given you so that you can remain happy throughout your life. You nurtured me with your love, you groomed me with your abundantly progressive mindset and you cultivated me with your spiritual enlightenment.

I still remember all those beautiful lessons during childhood from ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ that you gave me which have become the cornerstone of my ideology in life. You taught me how to be a giver and live for others. You imparted me with an education that many yearn and crave for. You taught me how to be strong in the face of adversity and at the same time you taught me how to be serene and sober in every other situation. You always encouraged me in all my failures and motivated and inspired me to do better. You never let any of my achievements go to my head because you taught me ‘Humility is the Best Course of Action’. You supported me in all my endeavors, my decisions, and undertakings in life.

Your teachings are part and parcel of my DNA. You taught me how to be a good human being first and always encouraged me to stay humble and be rooted to the ground always. You instilled in me the real values and virtues of humanity. You taught me to feel the pain of others before you bask in the glory of yours. You made me love others before loving myself. You made me understand the pangs of hunger of others before relishing my own food. All those lessons which you taught me are like the Precious and Priceless Pearls of Wisdom. They are the most valuable and dearest things for me.

For me, you are my Gurukul, an institution from where I have learned the beautiful lessons of life, each day. Paa, you have been standing like Rock-solid support throughout all the challenges I faced in my life. Your righteous approach has been the anchor of my life. What you have given me is the mind capable of thinking freely, taking decisions audaciously, and living life abundantly and courageously.

Hare Krishna!!!

About Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal

Dr. Gazal Chetan Bansal, Ph.D. is a Doctorate in Political Science, UGC (JRF), a Gold Medalist, A Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM & a Pranic Healer. She is the founder of Conscience Connect, a Life Coach and Speaker.

She is a radical enthusiast and a firm believer in the philosophy of conceptual pragmatism, logical reasoning, and the spiritual energy matrix. A staunch believer of the fact that before you speak, your energy speaks.

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