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A True Friend

By Vaishnavi


Once, three little boys were living in the village of Indrapur, Naman, Karan, And Hari . One fine day there was a fair in the village. And all of the village was excited to attend as well as the three boys. They got ready much earlier than expected. Hari was waiting for his single mom, Lata who was rushed by him and who was getting ready. Hari was calling out...

" Amma, come on! We're getting late and we've got to leave or the tickets will be sold out and we can't enter the fair!

His mom replied, " Hari, just wait or I will not take you there

They haven't started the fair. It's 6.00 in the morning. Please wait, Kanda,

Hari's Mom Lata

Naman with his parents in a picture

Karan with the family in a picture

And so we're the other boys it was the same thing in Naman's

And Karan's Situation with his parents and Karan's sister, Lakshmi, who was constantly getting frustrated because of her little brother.

All and all, the three families left their homes to attend the fair. Not knowing that their sons were going to be the best friends in the whole world.

The parents let the kids with their friends and advised them of the rules and regulations parents always tell before letting their kids alone, told them to meet at the entrance of the fair in the evening, and gave them some money to spend at the fair. The elders got together with their friends and sat at the musical going on, some of them went to see the play going on at the very end of the fairground known as Mahabharatha, The Beginning.


While playing the three boys came across a carousel 🎠 and wanted to play. But it was already half filled and had seats for only two more people.

This was the time when they got talking

Hari said to the keeper, " Anna one second please " and turned to the boys and said, " Namaste I am Hari Nice to meet you. Anyway, I can wait for you two to go on "Hearing the boy's words the keeper entered into the conversation " Boys this is the last round either two of you three play or come back after 6 pm "Hearing this the boys were disappointed. Karan stepped in and said " Namaskar, my Name is Karan, it's okay you guys go on I'll wait here. Anyway, I've been to the carousel at least ten times when was four with my sister.

And so, it was decided that Hari and Naman would go.

Naman was very shy so he didn't speak anything throughout except saying " Dhanyavad " to Karan for letting them go on the amazing carousel.

As soon as the two boys got the keeper started the carousel. But as soon as it started there was a power cut in the village and the fair was canceled. Seeing this the boys got off the carousel and started talking, only to realize that they all lived in the same neighborhood hood. And so they all said their goodbyes and went to the entrance waiting for their parents to go home with them. Along the way, three boys wouldn't stop talking about what had happened earlier that evening.

They reached home and ate dinner. It was a Sunday and the boys had homework they wrote after about an hour at 8.00 pm all were fast asleep in their cozy beds.

The boys would often play together at school and near their houses.

Just like this, the boys grew up .


As Naman was now in the city he had many great offers for his career and grew to be a famous businessman.

But the other two boys Karan And Hari weren't to leave their childhood home. They didn't want to leave the place in which they had their life's most cherished Moments . Without as much money or education in the village. Started working at a local provision store to hardly get by throughout the day. But this career didn't work out for them. And as they were skilled artisans, they got the idea to start their own business by making pots and selling them. Although they could earn enough from this business, they still needed some money to buy a property to place their shop, to buy materials, etc. So they turned to their richer friend, Naman, and borrowed some money from him. Now, although Naman was living the life of his dreams, he still wanted to spend most of his time with his best Friends. But, what bothered him was that both of his friends were in the village while he alone, was in the city. He had also thought of moving into the village himself but rejected it as it would not work out well.

He often thought that he may be the farthest friend in their group. And often thought that he was being pushed farther away by his friends. So to test them, he waited for a few months, (Meanwhile, Karan And Hari's business was improving day by day their hard work paid off and they soon were getting rich .) And so, when the time came Naman called and said that he was visiting the village. The plan he had was to go to the village. Find himself some alone time to call his friends from a different number. And with them having it unknown tell them that he wants a pot and invite them to the city. So that they can experience a wonderful journey through the forest.


And so after he carried out the whole plan, they started the journey. Gathered their supplies, and set to go ... Hari got a call that his mom was in the hospital he rushed to see her. But surprisingly his mother wasn't there. When he asked the staff he got to know that his mother was shifted to the city hospital as they needed more facilities for her Care. Anyway, they were headed to the city, so they continued their journey.

Naman's car had broken down so the group had to take the ancient route through the jungle. They first camped a little far from the village as it was getting dark. In the morning they started walking again after walking for about 10 miles they were extremely tired and sat down to relax and rehydrate. But when they were about to resume their walk, rain started pouring heavily. So the friends thought to stay there for the night. While chatting lying having support from a tree. Hari found a box 🗃. The three of them opened the box and to their surprise, it had bundles of money 💵 in it they further looked into the box and found a note on the side of the lock of the box. It said ....."THIS BOX HOLDS A FORTUNE, BUT ALSO A CURSE ".The men burst out laughing but this was True indeed even if the note hadn't been there, the friends would have shared the money. But by the time the men had decided to share it, It was midnight and they decided to divide the money in the morning. While going to sleep all the friends had different thoughts in their minds. NAMAN THOUGHT: "If I take this money I'll be richer and who cares about that stupid note Anyway?"

HARI THOUGHT: " I want all of us to share the money but I don't know the others' thoughts. I might even spend the money I get on my mother's treatment.

KARAN THOUGHT: " I would want Hari to take all the money as I earn enough by selling pots with Hari and don't have any urgent need .... And Naman is already so rich, he has ten times more money than in the box. The only one who has a dire need for money is Hari ... for his mother's treatment, because if they had to shift her to the city hospital she must be very sick . " thinking this, they fell asleep.

The next day when Hari and Karan woke up, the box was gone! They asked Naman about it but he simply said, " Maybe it was only a dream besides, we were very sleepy so maybe we were in the dream world ourselves ", in reality, Naman had hidden the box in his travel bag which he had brought for the journey. The other two friends believed him because they could never think of their best friend betraying them.

THE CITY ......

Alas, they reached the city Hari said to Karan that he immediately had to go to the hospital to see his mother and Told Karan that he had to take care of their business matters all by himself this time but to visit Naman's house before that. Karan agreed and then Hari got into a Separate cab and Naman and Karan got into another one Hari went to the hospital and Karan And Naman went to Naman's Bungalow. When Hari reached the hospital, he said the name Lata to the nurse and she showed the entrance to the rooms. When Hari was going to the other room, the nurse stopped him and said That Lata was in an observation room for 3 to 4 days the surgery had been completed and she was healthy now and the only thing left was to pay the hospital bill. Hari nodded and ran off to see his mother. Lata quickly hugged her son. He asked the doctor if she was healthy now and if he could take her home, the doctor happily agreed. And though Lata was ready for the discharge Hari had to work out how to pay the bill. She had only been there for three days it was okay for Hari to pay but the surgery had cost a fortune. While Hari was devastated trying to find out how to pay, Karan was in a pickle himself trying to find out where the Merchant's house was, But all this while, Naman was enjoying the money with him. He was the one who thought his friends weren't loyal to him but it turned out that he wasn't loyal to them.

But what he didn't know was that his friends already knew what he had done. Turns out that they were already testing him with a way bigger plan. First, they had to go to the exact middle of the forest and keep a 10000000 dollar money stash and write the note just to test their friend. And after that they realized he hadn't been their true friend and the money stash wasn't real money at all, they were fake money. And after they said all this to Naman. He was astonished and asked if even Hari's Mom's sickness was also a lie. But the two said that it was not and was unexpected. And Naman cried out and repented what he had done to his friends. They weren't ready to forgive him. But in the end, they forgave him and Naman spent almost half of everything he had to help the needy. He kept a bunch of money for himself. The exact amount in which he could pay Hari's Mother's Hospital bill, move into the village, and invest more money into his friends' Pot business. After he moved into the village he joined his friends with their work and they were all as best friends as they were when they were in their childhood.


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