Aaj Kal Ke Bachhe!

By Ritu Garg

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the behavior of teens and their tantrums. And the flavor is often critical and regretful. Their labile moods, their unkempt manes, their weird wardrobes, their cultish obsessions with some symbols and charms, and their constantly rebellious attitude sends unsuspecting parents into a tizzy and they generally start questioning the value system and emotional intelligence of the generation which is very rightly called millennial.

The social get-togethers where parents meet fellow parents or other adults who are directly or tangentially involved with teenagers tend to reverberate with this common catchphrase Aaj Kal Ke Bachhe!!!

Well, only perverts would disagree that teenage years are indeed very tough years for kids themselves as well as for parents and guardians. But the key lies in understanding that teenagers themselves don’t realize the changes that are going on within their bodies. Their bod