An Angel Of Love

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

By Shrabanti Ray

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The pain continued profusely for hours,

her abdomen spelled in fancy acrobatic power drops of anxiety on her bothered brow to test…

Oh! Woman, when shall thy share of agony rest?

Thoughts in wrinkles, body out of shape fit less and hanging in every possible drape.

The mounting turmoil chooses to fang

The craving, the hormones, the guilt pang!

“How and why did I give in,

To the moment, the temptation, that conceived a sin??

WASN’T my love, once a FAIRY TALE?

The vow, the promise, so soon, set sail!”

The syringe pinched sour as the dreams appeared to haunt,

the bloated belly with a reason to flaunt.

“SHAME! SHAME!”…the cries resonated with fear.

The near turned distant, with enough wear and tear.

Lapped in the cushion of the mother’s care

Hopeless, hurtful and thoughtfully bare.

“What name do I reasonably give you ???

I ask myself with pity…Can I ever, never undo?”

“My father battled, my mother settled for less

Both echoed in silence - May God Bless!”

“WHO?” - I whisper in candid silence,

My soul and spirit engage in violence…..

“HUSH UP! There’s many a way to find

NOT always can you happen to be kind?

Space out the memories! Evade the PAST

Never even bother until you last!”

So saying, the unveiled mother, intended to bid ADIEU!

To the baby born just now, (in private view).


I grumbled and ranted the family crew…

I struggled, I paused, I seized the LIVING baby,

My heart racing, remarkably heavy.

“She’s very mine, she is every bit of me.

What’s wrong- Why can’t you all see?”

“NAH! NAH!”…the disgust exploded around

“WE cannot accept her…we are not bound.

Think, judge and then take a call

With her in you, we all surely fall.”

“I am her mother and cannot let go

My soul is within her, and the seeds that I sow

I shall not abandon her, nor wrap her in polythene

I AM HER MOTHER…. Not a set of unworthy kith and kin.”

“Then leave at once as you fail to see

There’s no bed in my house, no milk, sugar, and tea.

Your love has enslaved you for long

Go…seek yourself as you have suited the wrong…..”