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An Inevitable Separation

By Sparkian Shruti Raval

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Vihaan, a young and vibrant future of India was living just ten steps away from an Old Age Home situated in the Valleys. Twinkling Stars was the name of that Old Age Home. Though he did not personally know all the senior citizens residing over there, he was very fond of a Parsi couple whom he often heard singing melodies and retro songs from the musing window of his room. This window was his favorite spot with a Cup of Cappuccino. Witnessing their togetherness allowed him to set couple goals in this era of hook ups. But here comes the twist.

For babies born in the Y generation, their fortune with first love in their early 20s is not so good. Break up happens as if it’s a must. Harsh but true. Few are able to combat and come out and few tend to go into a depressive state of mind. Vihaan, the one who wished no one ever goes through that heart wrenching break up was himself going through that phase. One fine day on a frosty Sunday morning when he reached the peak of emotional breakdown, there came the light from his musing window. With his eyes half wet he glanced at the garden of twinkling stars. To his utter surprise Rustom Uncle was sitting alone. Not only that, it was evident from his face that something is not right. Vihaan immediately phoned the manager to enquire. Manager answered, “Almighty separated the love birds, his wife is no more”. This guy on the other side of the call could not figure out how to react to this news. Hanging up the call, pausing for a while, he was at standstill just staring at his dear uncle with so much pain & compassion in his heart.

In those moments there comes light in the form of a profound realization. It was this. - “People might be blessed enough to live together but very few are blessed enough to die together. Whether in the form of a breakup or divorce or demise of a loved one, any which way the separation is inevitable. The only difference is how long you are able to live with the person you desired to live with for lifetime/s. Karma has a role to play in the longevity of romantic relationships. Acceptance is the only way out, to deal with this separation which is inevitable”

That night Vihaan had plans to go with his friends for drinks as he thought that might help him overcome the situation but instead of that he decided to meet Rustom Uncle to spend some time with him and cheer him up. He gave him an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Vihaan was back to his home with a bunch of blessings that day. He was feeling way better. He was happy with himself and with the choice that he made. Just before going to bed he wrote this in his diary - “In life we always have a choice. Either to keep on crying over the situation or direct our painful energy towards a social cause and help someone rise. If you choose the first one, you are going to aggravate your sufferings but by choosing the later one you can create a legacy.

"Only a burning candle can light up the other".

About the Author
Miss Shruti Raval

Miss Shruti Raval is an Advocate by profession. Writing is her passion. She truly believes in the power of words. She is a voracious reader who has a real zest for life.


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