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Belief and Fear

By Shreyansh Dixit

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds.

“Life! is what has happened to us without our efforts and after that everything that happens to us is based on our actions and reactions to the situations and circumstances around us.”

The moment we are out of our mothers’ tummy we all need to make all-out efforts for our survival and we begin this journey of ours, by crying relentlessly when we are hungry and the response received makes us believe that we get what we want when we cry or create hell around us.

When we are in the process of growing, we watch near and dear ones and realise that there are persons who do not take good care of us but shower on us the immense love and affection to which we respond immediately and this reciprocation of ours is definitely not based on any intention of getting something in the bargain.

It's only when we see our peers we start to think about our capabilities and begin comparing ourselves with others, its then that a trait of competitiveness evolves and keeps growing within us creating feelings of happiness and sadness, or it's then that we start measuring our capabilities and limitations. Some appear to be much more capable than us leaving ourselves with emotions of fear and some appear to be less capable instilling confidence in us and enhancing our emotions of belief. These two emotions remain with us throughout our life and determine which way to go in achieving our goals. We encounter many people on this journey, where some are much ahead of us in physical or mental capabilities persuading us to doubt on our self and the process of introspection begins. Some of us live with constant fear and some with constant belief and bliss. The whole of our life revolves around these two emotions only which provide us with the results thereof accordingly in our life but we fail to identify these vital emotions and then procrastinate on circumstances like luck, people, places, instances, money, and then the blame game sets into motion. It is never too late to really understand the difference between these two and amend our ways accordingly for a cherished life of ours or make our dreams a reality.

If Col Sanders can do that at an age past 75 in opening the KFC chain anyone can do anything at least below 75 years of age. FEAR... is nothing but False pieces of evidence Appearing Real !!!

When this happens, we start fearing the false (imagined) results of failing even before attempting into a venture, like I am afraid! or I cannot do it! or I may miss my flight or Bus! or He or she is not responding to the call as there is some serious problem! or I might lose all my money in this business so better not to start or I may get a dreaded disease as it also has the same symptom etc.

The degree of evidence appearing real determines the amount of adrenal rush and the intensity of anxiety within us. The higher the (imagined) false (negative) evidence, the higher the possibility of getting that result, in fact, it is directly proportional to the intensity of such thoughts. If one fears death as imminent and could vividly take that as evidence fatality, then it is certain! The typical trait of this behaviour is that it penetrates deep inside the psyche over a period of time and turns into a habit, which then becomes a reaction rather than the response.

BELIEF on the other hand is Bringing Evidences Live by Imagining Enthusiastically the Favorable!

The modus operandi of both the emotions Fear and Belief is the same in both the emotions and the pieces of evidence appear in advance, the only difference being in the emotion of belief one remains enthusiastically buoyant about the positive results in advance. Once the imagined result appears positive the action becomes stronger and one undertakes to involve self in attempting the desired result whereas in fear one either freeze to inaction or attempts to react to possibilities of the imminent disaster and as such works in a direction exactly opposite to what is required at the moment.

In fact, fear is in a way belief in negative results. Fear firms itself in one’s mind like a sapling having a tap root, which penetrates the soil vertically and goes deep inside, whereas belief sets in like a sapling having adventitious roots, where the roots branch out in all direction parallel to the ground and as such it takes time to stabilize it but it is difficult to root out and holds on to mind firmly like a banyan tree over a period of time. It’s easy to root out fear by regular practice of positive affirmations on a daily basis.

Now the choice is with us either to part with fear or belief and the result will be accordingly as life was a matter of choice and will always remain a matter of choice and making a choice is our prerogative as we and only we have the absolute authority to control our own mind and it is a law of creation it cannot be delegated to anyone, in fact, it is not possible to do so. Hence, why waste time on the opinions of others let us do it ourselves.

(Featured Image by John Hain from Pixabay)

About the Author

Shreyansh Dixit is a passionate writer, an altruistic man. He identifies himself first as a motivational speaker and then the Chief Manager of IOC. He not only follows various ideas of eminent thinkers but also perseveres to interpret and question them at an individualistic level. Having completed several full and half marathons, Shreyansh pursues to go beyond the general exegesis of life to find what appeals to him and humanity at large.


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