Can we wipe out corruption and bribery in our country?

Answer to any question beginning with 'Can we...?' must always be a big Yes!

As nothing is impossible for any human being, but before we cherish to wipe it out, we must understand what actually a corruption is and how has it evolved and flourished in our country.

Corruption is actually a state of mind, a desire to accumulate wealth fast and with a minimum of efforts. It is prominent in places where there is a huge financial disparity between the inhabitants of society. Its growth is enormous where some people of society have a sudden meteoric rise, in a short span of time. It is seen by others as an inspiration in negative form, and many others try to outgrow incongruently with their capacities. As such, it travels down the society pretty rapidly and engulfs a large section of society. When this happens, automatically an organization is formed of such like-minded people, whereby it is perceived as an “art” rat