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Corners of the Universe!!!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

By Sparkian Sulekha Chandra

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Practicing “Hope” is the most difficult thing that we observe as we face difficulties and become impatient and anxious with our own self. Everyone wants to impose oneself with result-oriented methodologies to get there. Where? Hope! Hope is the ground that one can feel under his/her feet amidst fog-laden road. It’s like the tail of a rare bird one can see in a dense forest. It’s like being able to catch the vibes in absence of vision.

Hope is the only thing that differentiates humans from animals.

12 years ago, I met Victor, a small town final year Commerce student. He was madly in love with his classmate Meera, who equally loved him for his commitment. Meera belonged to a higher caste and Victor was an orphan raised by his maternal grandmother. In order for him to break the caste barrier, he perceived that the only way out for him was to become wealthy enough to erase any possible objections from Meera’s family. Soon after the final year exams, even before the declaration of results, he was successful in fetching a job in a metro city with a leading construction firm, as an accountant. He came back to his town to pack his belongings and assured Meera of his monthly visit, so that their feelings stay intact and that he would be able to build the ground for sending his proposal proudly to her parents.

Victor not only secured the first division but also saved enough in a year’s time by working aggressively for different projects. He stayed focused and high on achievement and affiliation to secure his position as rewarding and indispensable. He came back and met Meera in their favorite restaurant and handed over a bundle of fifty thousand rupees to her. He held her hand close to his heart while promising every happiness than she ever imagined. He asked her to buy anything she wanted and soon left with a promise of a marriage proposal in the coming months. They talked at length every night and weaved dreams of togetherness. Victor was high in energy, enthusiasm, and excitement while dealing with his clients and organizational counterparts. It was very difficult to offend him in any emotionally challenging situation.

Meera was carrying on with her post-graduation and was preparing for state government exams in banking. She had told her parents about the successful career of Victor and about her intention to marry him and also got them to agree on certain grounds. Soon, Victor approached them with his marriage proposal and in no time all arrangements for the engagement ceremony took place. Their relationship grew stronger and enticing. The marriage date was approaching nearer and all the shopping was done. Invitation cards were distributed. Victor was on an assignment that involved domestic travel to supervise activities. He was sitting in the rear seat of the car and was talking to the driver, who often drove him around, about his marriage and quite excitingly took out his invitation card to give to him. Suddenly, the driver lost control while he turned back and was hit. His car rotated 360 degrees and a terrible accident took place.

Victor had major head surgery and multiple fractures. Everyone flew in to see him. He breathed new life when he saw Meera crying for him near his bed holding his hand. Little did he know that he was paralyzed in his limbs. He was the only source of hope for his grandmother. Meera soon left with her parents unceremoniously. Victor could only move his eyeballs and had little time to think under the plain white ceiling as the effect of drugs would take over his senses.

After 3 months of rigorous efforts on behalf of the team of doctors, Victor was showing signs of recovery, he was under intensive care. His grandma was by his side all the while and probably the only person to whom Victor mattered the most. He expressed his desire to see Meera. The doctor told him deliberately that they have strictly instructed every relative to stay away till he recovers completely. In his heart of hearts, he was dying to see her and wondering why she didn’t insist to meet him. He would throw questions at grandma and pester doctors. Finally to his dismay, they disclosed that Meera and her family decided to sever the ties after they learned that he was paralyzed. Shocks were lined up one after the other and Victor was not prepared. He slipped into depression and his anxiety levels rose.

Counseling sessions too didn’t seem to help his mind. Once, he was pondering over his life while lying silent in the wheelchair, now shifted in a deluxe room because he demanded privacy. Suicidal thoughts ruled his mind. He was completely dependent on others for everything. His despair grew its boundaries when he decided to hurt his head because that was the only part under his control. He used his mouth to pick sharp objects and carefully placed them on his bed and prepared his mind to do away with himself by injuring his head. He was about to do that when he heard a loud cry in the hospital corridor. His grandma rushed inside crying and kissed his forehead amidst loud cries in the corridor as several people were mourning the death of a 12-year-old boy. She was in tears and thanked God for saving Victor’s life. She told Victor that her pain was far too less in comparison to the mother of that 12-year-old. There was an instant paradigm shift in Victor’s thought process as if somebody injected a lifesaver in him. He looked puzzled but calm. He asked his grandma about the boy. She told him that the boy had lost his legs in an accident a few years ago but was fighting for his life as some serious infection had engulfed him. She advised him not to see the boy as it might infuse sadness to a greater extent but Victor insisted. To his surprise, he saw the boy’s mother crying with a wheeled wooden plank which the boy used to commute after his accident.

Victor was deeply moved by the conviction of the boy to live even without legs but couldn’t fight the deadly infection. That moment, Victor decided to live even if it meant losing everything in his life.

He is now an inspirational speaker and generates money to support paralyzed patients in need. He believes that his power to choose life came through a divinely guided moment which helped him to overcome all sadness and hurt of broken bones and relationships. He believes that his purpose of life is far bigger than he could conceive as he has many lives to impact.

Meera was married to someone else and had kids by the time Victor shot to fame. She happened to fetch a book from Victor who was an author by then and tried to contact him. She cried for she was feeling too embarrassed for her narrow and selfish thinking but was equally surprised to find Victor compassionate with positive vibes. She chose to help Victor in his mission.

Victor felt complete and healed after talking to her. Some people give all the profits and gains to others and take all the losses and defeats on themselves. His life was no different. His life teaches that compassion brings boundless hope and it’s all that we all need.

Hope is the only emotion that connects us to the corners of the Universe.

About Sulekha Chandra

Ms. Sulekha Chandra

Founder of Gyan Paradise, Sulekha Chandra is a youth mentor, corporate trainer, content developer, training and development professional with experience in Corporate HR.

She is a motivational speaker, author, editor and reviewer at various national and international platforms.

For more information, visit Sulekha Chandra on her facebook page @

Featured Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay


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