Corruption: Life made easy

By Manju Chandra

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Corruption has made our life easy. It's difficult to imagine what would we do without this automatic trouble lifting mechanism?

Corruption is to our society what lubrication is to machines. We become entrepreneurs and grave risk takers because we know the ball bearing called corruption will take care of us and bail us out. Yeah, it's the bad boy of the family but the one with a strong foothold and the one we can lean upon if the going gets tough. We all have this love-hate relationship with it. We hate it with all our hearts but love it within our minds. It is a method of sustenance without which our lives wouldn’t be as smooth as they are.

Corruption is a kind of price tag on a service which enables those responsible for providing that service to prioritise their task based on the demands on their time and resources. It unites people with a common faith in their economic advantage. It crosses the barriers of religion, caste, creed, sex, etc. as they are all same in the eyes of the receiver.