Emotions – Why we need to know them?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

By Sparkian Poorabie

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Emotions are always feared or avoided. Therefore, I would like to delve deeper into these very emotions and see how they work!

Emotions give us important information. They indicate which way things are going. Emotions help us live our lives to the fullest. They help us relate to other people, their expectations and in-numerous demands of life. Understanding these emotions equips us to use efficient ways to respond to situations. Our emotions tell us what we need, when we need it and the kind of actions needed to fulfill them. They also communicate our feelings. All these emotions are learnt through experiences which are built one at a time, from the time of birth.

For instance, while learning swimming, a 4 year old named Riya is terrified in her first ever swimming lesson and, the water from the pool took over her, then there is a possibil