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Free and Republic India

Undoubtedly, "The Republic Day" is a glorious day and we must rejoice it's glory since we shed the last relics of the "Colonial System" on this day in 1950. Thus the day stands for the "Idea of India as a Nation". A nation is defined by its value system and we must be proud that we live in a nation that has a rich history, heritage, culture, and national ethos. The true merit of "The Democratic republic" lies in its value system and not being the largest democracy. I pray to God that "The Collective Consciousness of India" always willingly strives to enrich and preserve it! I too pray that we comprehend that for freedom, constant struggle and vigil are imperative; and it is not the task of"The Soldiers Alone" but the whole nation has to strive for the same. We must shun personal gains and glorifications as such mediocrity will make the future of the nation bleak. Let's also understand that a great nation is one that respects the services of its Heroes. In our case, the journey of the struggle for freedom has been very long and arduous and our "Valiant Heroes" deserve our sincerest gratitude as we owe "Freedom and Dignity of Republic" to them; and also to the soldiers whose vigil and sacrifices keep us safe! My salute to India and the Indian Heroes! Let us hold the love and passion of "Mother India" as the most sacred! Sincere good wishes and happy Republic Day to all patriotic Indians!

Jai Hind


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