Health inculcated in the recipe of an illiterate intelligent

By Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Mind

Ancient arts and cultures have tremendous meaning hidden in lifestyles and food. Almost every ancient person we think about was illiterates in today’s context but the way they learned science was in a different pattern or I can call it the practical way, which is the most convincing aspect even today!! Yes, I’m talking about our grandmothers and great grandmothers who had a hold on enriched recipes for doctor-free and medicine-less life. We Indians are blessed with many different spices that have medicine for any disease!! In the olden days, the scientists were our grandmothers and ultimate laboratories were their kitchens.

Having a good amount of physical activity along with healthy food made them beautiful in a unique way. I wish we will get back and continue that way of living again. I guess slowly every old method is coming back as old wine in a new bottle. I feel glad to retrieve them in our everyday lifestyle.