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Hema Niranjan, A Woman with Grit and Determination

By Tejaswini

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

A young lad asked an old wise man “Sir, which field can I have a good career in? “the old man replied with a smile “That is easy, just be a good human being, there is lot of opportunity in that area with little competition “

Hema lives her life not by quotes and slogans but leads by example.

Hema Niranjan is a young serial entrepreneur based out of Bangalore. She spent childhood days in a village at Holenarasipura near Hassan, Karnataka, where her father was a government school teacher. She has a humble background, big dreams, strong core values, soaring ambitions towards upliftment of humanity and a strong sense of purpose realized into entrepreneurial ventures.

Personally, Hema got married when she was 21 years and the couple have a daughter. Her husband Niranjan has supported her desire to study interior designing courses in Jain University college, Bangalore. She graduated with an “Academic Excellence Award“ in the year 2016 and secured a distinguished alumni Award in the following year.

Dreams do find their home in those who love them truly.

Having founded a successful interior design company called “DEZIGN CODE” in the year 2016, Hema goes on to start a unique Army themed Restaurant called HUNGER CAMP in 2019 along with her business partner Chetan.

Dezign Code’s mission is to address challenges faced by majority people needing good cost effective interiors without hidden costs, substandard materials, lack of expertise, and high turn around time. It brings magic in designs, professionalism and effective communication right from design to execution phase till completion. Themes like Pirate themed pub, village themed restaurant, ship themed pub, etc. across major cities like Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad are unique.

At the core is a passionate artist who nurtures a creative mind unfolding themes and ideas in ways matching client dreams. Hema feeds creativity through photography and artwork.

Second venture, Hunger camp celebrates the two pivots of India “ The farmer “ and the “the military” in a unique way. Bangalore’s first military themed restaurant stands out in its army camp ambience, full of paraphernalia and decor, a community table for larger groups, tents with comfortable seat, a bunker with underground gas lights, grenade shaped salt and pepper sprinklers, military water flasks, roof with military maps, and walls dedicated to PARAM VEER CHAKRA Awardees .

Hunger Camp coverage by Power TV, lauds ambience for instilling purpose among diners along with excellent taste, presentation of veg and non-veg cuisines. RJ Niladri from indigo applauds unique theme. The idea behind the restaurant theme is to celebrate the warriors and tribute to Indian Army, shares Hema.

NGO “Hunger Camp” was founded recently with a mission to extend support to martyrs' families .

Behind all this is a woman with grit, determination on sleeves and passion in spirits. When her husband travelled abroad for several years, there were challenges both at home and business. Despite this she dreams of giving her best in everything to the kid like necessary exposure and motivation in building her career in modelling.

I wish her great success in all her endeavors.

About the Author

Tejaswini is an IT professional and & Passionate writer. She is an avid reader. She loves writing on the art of living with reality as seen by science. She also writes about things that people fear to express.

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