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Hold light to face dark

By Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Darkness is everywhere,

When education is out of the sphere,

The wisdom you gather,

Keeps you away from fear,

Knowledge is the best light forever,

It depends on none other!

Off late, life in this world is getting difficult day by day. Science is being rediscovered from the beginning, while old and pure science is getting its originality faded. Actually, we can say now the latest scientists are filling old wine in new bottles.

Well! There are quite many reasons for these changes. For example, if we take India before many invasions, our country’s literacy level was a hundred percent. Almost everyone was aware of mathematics, science, social, etc. in their own ways. Sanskrit was the root of all this education. In a way, Sanskrit was our culture. Students were taught in gurukuls. Mantras they chanted morning and evening, had answers for many questions of this world. That was ancient India with no room for darkness. Here I mention darkness as lack of knowledge. Fear was away from people’s lives because they were all filled with a piece of essential knowledge to understand the world of those times. The confidence was built within and hence fear was away from their thoughts.

After invasions, everything got disturbed so badly that leaders or kings were confused with the type of education they should practice in their reigns. Many other languages got introduced. The culture had to see various modulations. Invaders made a cunning plan and attempted to raise illiteracy levels. It is not only people but also the cultural tradition, our country’s own Sanskrit language, etc. was turned into bits and pieces. Slowly the foreign languages took a leading role. They created a false environment with intrigued plans. Our people were confused about whether the education of those times was the best one, or the new way of education that the invaders brought in was superior. With much chaos in mind, our citizens started learning new styles of education in that they lost hold of our country’s powerful education as well as skills.

History has strong evidence in every era that only because of traitors from one own's country, invaders could get in. From this, we need to learn the lesson to stay united. Unity brings a huge difference in the development of any country. Bad history should not be repeated again instead we try to bring back the old versions of educational methods because education is the backbone of a country's progress. Notice and remember in the past also that it is the strongest point where invaders did hit and deep-rooted their foundation.

The gap has been built. Invaders won the game by beating our education system, burning libraries, and intelligent education. Our citizens have the belief that anyone who speaks a foreign language fluently is the most knowledgeable person. Unfortunately, this thought is still carried out by the so-called well-educated people of our society. Slowly darkness succumbed to the well-lighted world. Societies were fascinated by many other things and started believing our languages and our education is not useful anymore. If there is no practice, we tend to forget everything right, yes! That is what happened.

We forgot our strength and we are left nowhere. Neither we could accomplish our own education, nor we get into the new or adopted education system. Intelligence is hiding with fear. By suppressing the information through created inferiority complex in our country, invaders ruled many years. India is not fortunate. The stains that they left are so stubborn even after 72 years of freedom we could not remove them. The fear in every person is fixed so hard because of the darkest times and moments they went through. The light of knowledge has to come back in people’s minds, thoughts, and hearts. The only way to attain them back will be educating ourselves with the ones we almost forgot along with the ancient methods, methodologies that are getting rusted.

While learning new skills, we should also work on retrieving ancient philosophies that are engulfed with many folded secrets. Unfold the ways to throw the light on the darker side. No one is actually scared of darkness, but the fear is because people do not know what is hiding in the dark where our eyes cannot see. That enlightenment can be done only by the light which allows eyes to see and nothing can be hidden. The light is in the knowledge of abundance. It will never allow any darkness to crawl near.

Now, we all should come out of darkness because until then fear follows us and there can be little or no accomplishments. To get rid of fear we should get out of the darkness and take the support of light. Light, we can find only in the wisdom we acquire. Wisdom paves the way to anything and everything. Right now, we know little about our antiquities. From obsolete light to absolute light is what new generations have to develop.

Today we have to sow seeds to retrieve our own country’s riches. At least generations later, our education system will be fully renovated. Every citizen should feel proud of the plentiful knowledge our ancestors possessed and continue the legacy. Like the bright sun, the values should shine bright. Now they are hiding behind the darkest clouds. Let ignorance drain through the rain. Once the dark clouds are clear from the mind, the bright light of knowledge has no obstacle to illuminate the world. The fear of the dark or fear of what is hiding in the dark will be wiped forever. Like every other thing, this also should start at home. Let us spread the light of knowledge towards the future with the power of antique technology with an exquisite outbreak.

Like every other thing, this also should start at home. Let us start practicing the grandmother’s traditions with scientific reasons. Here I mean to say, our tradition is enriched with many substantial elements that have a strong scientific reason hidden under the folds. We try to retrieve the scientific information defined in the rituals our ancestors laid and we try to put the old information in new bottles which can attract the young generations. For example, Particularly in this pandemic situation, we notice people following quarantine but that was the everyday practice for our ancestors.

Now, we all join hands together to find the scientific reason in the rituals and practices and put forth our step to educate people. In every Sanskrit sloka, our pandits recite there is some science involved. For example, In Purusha Sukta there is a formula for great engineering that is artistically weaved. And in another, the twists and turns of our tongue and mouth cause the movements of some nerves inside to give good health. Imagine the treasure of the mantras we possess.

Let's take a pledge to start learning our Vedas and Scriptures and bring it to light with valid scientific information. We start following our grandmother's footsteps with modern valuations. Let us take the light of knowledge towards the future with the power of antique technology with an exquisite outbreak.

Samskrutena samskrutasya samskrutaadi vanditam!

Jai Hind

Vande Mataram

About Roopa Rani Bussa

Ms. Roopa Rani Bussa

Roopa Rani Bussa is a homemaker living in California and is a nature lover, the beholder of positive power, a believer of social services, a Passionate teacher, and a well organized passionate writer.

The journey of writing began a few years ago and she considers it an honor to carry forward the legacy of her father.

She writes quotes and poetry in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi English, and Urdu.

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