How Music Make a Difference

By Sparkian Shruti Raval

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Is music something to be written about or think about!

In my opinion, Yes!

We are humans and we must do everything consciously. I would like to give my reader an overview of the blog. In its first half, it contains a counterintuitive approach to music. And in the second half, I have elaborated a little on how and when listening to music can benefit a person the most.

Music is enriching for the soul, hence it is the food for the soul. When Krishna played the flute, listening to it was a magical experience for each & every creature in Vrindavana. Have you ever wondered why! It is because Krishna is the embodiment of love and music has healing power. If you observe closely love and healing is all a soul needs.

Now you might be thinking about how it is relevant in today’s lifestyle. Well, the world that we live in today seems a big mess sometimes. Man has lost his equanimity. Stress and depression are becoming a very common experience. But the remedy exists. Among all the healing and relaxation techniques, music is one of the most powerful ones according to experts. But hold on! What kind of music I am referring to here and how music can make a difference in someone’s life. Let’s talk about how we can harness the power of music.

Music is beyond entertainment. For the previous generation and to some extent for the present generation, music is a mode of entertainment. But there are so many other aspects to it. I am not totally against Bollywood music. Some of the lyrics are so deep and heart touching.

I am only against vulgar and meaningless lyrics which has created a negative influence among some sections of the society. However, movies like Kedarnath and singers like A.R. Rahman are the trendsetters of good music.

  • Have you ever experienced the power and joy of music?

  • Have you ever heard any kind of slow and soothing music with complete attention and mindfulness?

If yes, you would agree with me that Music is beyond entertainment.

But unfortunately, the sheer reality is that society is judgmental towards a young individual, whose interest lies in listening to Aarti, Bhajan, Kirtan, or classical music. On the other hand, a monkey-like creature dancing on a hip-hop song is fully accepted and considered as normal just because we succumb to a well-established paradigm that only old age people do such religious and spiritual activities.

We must acknowledge the fact that in foreign countries kids are singing ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. It is so grateful to see a kid singing that.

On a similar note, a few months ago Mr. Vivek Bindra also shared a video on his Facebook timeline, of a kid singing ‘Achyutam Keshavam’ bhajan. We must appreciate and inculcate this kind of behavior among Indian kinds as well. This country is so rich in art, spirituality, and culture but maybe somewhere in between racing for success and money we forgot to value these things. For parents and teachers, it’s time to revive some old values and rituals. Keep your kids away from profanity. Take them close to divinity and for that first, you go close to yourself.

Just as our body needs nutrition and we get it in the form of food, our mind needs positive information and we get it in the form of books, in the very same way our soul needs healing and relaxation, and one of the ways to get it is in the form of Music. Here are the five most effective times when music will leave you completely happy and relaxed.

1) In the Golden hour or before sleeping: One hour after you wake up completely is referred to as the Golden Hour of the day, as at that time your productivity and energy are high. Now, this can be immediately after waking up, after bathing, or even after having proper breakfast. If you start your day with slow and soothing music or Aarati, needless to say, you start your day on a positive note. And one more good time to listen to such music is before you go to sleep as by doing that you will end your day on a positive note. 2) During Exams: It’s like a war for students who take exams with that spirit. Few people end up going to the temple as well, to pray only for passing marks. Well, I have got you covered. You will feel calm and relaxed if you listen to instrumental meditation music at the time of preparation, a day before the exam, or on the day of the exam. For the last option, however, listen-only for 5 to 10 minutes as I am sure you don’t want to be late for your exam. 3) While-Reading: It has been observed that while reading books if you play soft background music on slow volume, it increases your concentration. So by doing this you will stick to your couch for more time than usual and you will be able to read more. 4) When you feel stuck in life: If you are traveling in a Mumbai Local and for some reason, the train stopped and you are stuck there for more than 15 minutes. Now, what will you do? Most probably you will call a friend or read a book or grab those earphones. The same thing goes for life.

5) When you need motivation: No philosophy here! Straight away I recommend you five songs if you want motivation to make it big.







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