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It's a Girl

By Hitangxi Bhuta

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Rani and her husband Manav with their son Krish in drawing-room waiting for someone special.

Manav, ‘Is everything ok, have you cleared upstairs room by Savita‘. Rani in a very nervous voice, ‘Yes Manav thrice you asked the same question ‘.

Manav with a big smile you know this is a special moment for me, I never have seen my papa and my mother left years ago. Your parents have never made me feel orphan after our marriage. ‘

Suddenly, there was a noise of the horn and Krish ran outside with his toy car in hand and sang, ‘Nanu has come, Nanu has come… ‘. Mr. Ramanath Wadiya stepped out of the car, his driver took all his luggage and helped Mr. Wadiya reach inside the house.

‘Madhav kaka, please have a glass of water seat for a while ‘ Rani spoke in a very polite voice. With a big smile Madhav, ‘You are so different from your brother, kind, polite. My new boss has sent papers for you to sign, please check and sign I will come tomorrow to collect. ‘.

Rani smile looking at her husband, ‘Don’t worry kaka I will sign and get ready all papers I got my part of property ‘and she turns towards her papa with tears in eyes and a big smile on the face. ‘You know kaka once upon a time papa was very busy in his work so could not get time to talk to me, play with me. He was a great person Mr. Ramanath Wadiya, biggest business tycoon was carrying many responsibilities, now he is retired so will have enough time for his daughter ‘.

Happily smiling Manav came near Rani put his hand on her shoulder and with cheerful voice, ‘ Yes kaka tell you, new boss, Rani got her share of property ‘Manav turn towards Mr. Wadiya and set beside him. Mr. Wadiya holds the hand of Manav with tears in eyes and unable to express his happiness.

Madhav put his hand on Rani’s head for blessing and was about to move out. Mr. Wadiya, ‘ Wait, Madhav you are my such an old employee so now you are like my family and we celebrate happy moments with family ‘. He took out a small package of sweets and gave in the hand of Madhav, ‘I didn’t distribute sweets when Rani born, because she was a girl.

Maybe I am getting paid for my deed. But I heard God forgive if you rectified your mistakes. This is for you and when tomorrow you come to pick papers I will give one more packet for your boss. Tell him I am proud… It’s a Girl!!! with many tears in eyes he hugs Rani.

Proud Moment

Nandini got ready for her new job happily smiling and with a big voice, ‘ I’m ready to move. How much time you both want? I may get late just because of you people ‘.

Rama came out with her husband Narayan little nervous in low voice, ‘Nandini this will not work for a long time. People in our surroundings will criticize us, laugh at us. At this age, we are going to school to study. We are simple people. We have spent our entire life in your upbringing and my in-law's health. Now you are grown up. You leave happily, we don’t want much. We are happy with the same life, your papa will never feel ashamed of selling vegetables.

We have lived our entire life on selling vegetables, now after your marriage, we both will have sufficient money out of this. Even your would-be in-laws don’t have a problem with your father’s occupation. Then why you are so in a hurry that we have to study ‘. Nandini hugs her hipper, nervous mother ‘Ma I’m not at all ashamed of my father's occupation, instead, I am proud of you both I know how much you love studying.

I still remember you always used to read my school books whenever you get time out of your busy schedule. Papa was a very clever child in his class but he stopped studies because of grandpa's accident and he was elder of all three siblings. You both have spent your entire life educating Uncle, Aunty, taking care of old and handicapped parents, upbringing my life in such a beautiful way that I never realize what is hunger.

You both had given me everything I want. So now it is my turn to give you back. You are not going to study for others, you are going to study for your self. You both will have your own identity in society. Her fiancee came inside from the small door of the small room, ‘Yes Mummy and You don’t have to go to school for this. Today we are just going to collect books from our old library. You have to study from home very soon, I will get a laptop for you both. So you don’t have to go anywhere else, only you have to go for exams.

Narayan with tears in his eyes holds the hand of Rama, ‘Come Rama we will go out proudly and say… It’s a Girl!‘

Narayan and Rama walked out of his chaul proudly.

(Featured Image by Tawny van Breda from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Hitangxi Bhuta

Hitangxi Bhuta is an avid blogger and expert in two-line and four-line poetry. Her belief in writing and positivism coupled with her practice in Reiki and Tarot reading has empowered her healing therapies for people approaching her for emotional and physical energy balancing. Over the years, she has made it her purpose of life to spread positivity through the power of words.


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