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Late night text

By Sparkian Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributory author for Spark Igniting Minds

Sarala received a late night text from an unknown number: It says, Sarala! Open the door otherwise…

Sarala started worrying who is this and how does this person know my number and name. In sometime the phone again beeped, with a lot of fear Sarala just peeped into her phone. It was from the same number and message says, otherwise I will have to enter from the back door. Sarala started shivering.

Her mind started thinking about the incident that happened three days ago where she shouted at her college student who misbehaved with her. He also murmured I will catch you at the right time. Mind says yes it’s him and her heart says it can’t be. She was frightened what if the messages were from him. These days finding someone’s phone number is not at all a task. If it’s him will he really dare to come home directly? I didn’t tell parents about that incident and what if he has brought rowdies along with him, what will I do? Mom dad doesn’t like any kind of nonsense. Oh my god! If they get upset they won’t send me to the college.

Sarala was thinking in her mind. While she was thinking her dad called, beta you didn’t sleep yet? Still looking at your phone? It’s not good to use a cell phone till late hours keep your phone away and sleep now? She said ok papa. He drank water from the kitchen and while going back to sleep he again came to Sarala and told her to sleep. In a low voice she said, “Yes papa I will sleep.” Right at that time another message popped, in baffled state she looked at her phone. It was Rahul saying Sis open the door, I’m standing outside. Sarala opened the door.

She was still worried about the previous messages. Rahul asked what happened, why you look worried. Nothing... Nothing... she said and diverted the topic from messages to party! Now tell me how was your party? Did you enjoy? After a long time you met your school friends. Tell me more about the party. By then papa asked, “Sarala! Is Rahul back? Is that the noise I’m hearing? Sarala said yes papa.

Rahul said, come on now, you tell me why you seem worried? Slowly Sarala opened up with her brother. Rahul you know Pradeep from our college right… my senior. Last week with his gang he teased me and my friends in the corridor near the college library. I yelled at him for teasing, by then the librarian came out and told all of us to be quiet. He murmured while leaving “I will catch you at the right time.” Sometime back I received two messages from an unknown number saying open the door otherwise… and the next message said otherwise I will come from the back door. What if that’s him! I’m so scared Rahul. Do you think he could have sent those messages!

Rahul started laughing out loud. Sarala that was me, I was holding my friend Suresh's phone and I texted about me arriving home so that you open the door silently, otherwise dad could have come to know about me coming home late, then he doubts me having drunk and all that. Sarala said you scared me Rahul. I was so frightened, after the message. Please keep a habit of writing your name when you use someone else’s phone. You made my nerves down with your messages from an unknown number.

Rahul said sorry to Sarala, and he also told that someone pulled him to dance while he was typing the message. In that confusion he totally forgot he was using Suresh’s phone. Now relax, Pradeep doesn't have that much guts to come home. I know about him, he only shows off.

Relieved, Sarala went asleep without any tension.

About the Author

Ms. Roopa Rani Bussa

Roopa Rani Bussa is a homemaker living in California and is a nature lover, the beholder of positive power, a believer of social services, a Passionate teacher, and a well organized passionate writer.

The journey of writing began a few years ago and she considers it an honor to carry forward the legacy of her father. She writes quotes and poetry in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi English, and Urdu.

Visit her at


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