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Mother in Law

“Mother-in-law”, does this word require lot of explanations? Or do we have to prove constantly that she too cares and loves her children?

Mother-in-law, isn’t it difficult to express your concerns? I love Mahi the same way as her mother.

Maybe I never stood with her in her early days like Sudha (Mahi’s Mother) and couldn’t become a brave partner in her achievements. But it doesn’t mean I am jealous of Sudha. I mean Mahi is my daughter too. How should I explain to Mahi that I’m upset of her short dresses! (the size of her outfit upsets me)

Mahi really looks good in her dress and I know Abhishek loves her….

It's very difficult to express that it disappoints me when our society watchman, Mrs. Shukla and Mrs. Mishra look at her in a different way.

Or am I overreacting with my conservative nature and old fashioned thinking?

Yes it's true during those days I too wished to wear modern outfits but my mother-in-law draped me in an old traditional sarees as I was holding a responsibility and carried the burden of family reputation. On the other end, Nitin’s (husband) behaviour of giving importance to other women disappoints me too. To some extent these are the reasons, we never had a happy family life.

Is this the reason behind my confusion as I don’t have a daughter? Maybe I don’t have an idea how today’s women want to be.

Undoubtedly, Mahi looks wonderful in her dresses and has an elegant style but I don’t understand how to tackle this issue and let her know my concerns.

I don’t want to break Abhishek’s heart by interfering in their personal life, but as my mother-in-law used to say, ‘She is a part of our family’.

Why can’t I express my feelings to her as Sudha does?

Is it only the right of the woman who gives birth and brings up the child?

Mother-in-law can think better about their daughter-in-law too.

I agree her upbringing was done in a modern and broad-minded family and I never came out of shell. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t discuss with her the size of her outfit.

I was just twenty when Abhishek was born. Wearing clothes of my choice was just a dream for me. I never got a chance to express my view on any topic.

Not even Abhishek’s marriage.

I truly agree it’s fine to wear comfortable clothes and I want to be quiet, but I can’t take it when others look at my daughter-in-law inappropriately. What should I do now?

Nitin is not a right person to discuss, as we never had been able to stand on the same platform of our thoughts. Sudha will never allow Mahi to act per her wish.

Then how about Abhishek! I think he may understand my concerns But, how will Mahi react? Will I be creating a gap between them?

No, I can’t take any chance.

Should I talk to Mahi directly? Will she ever understand my view? Or am I trying to be mean now?

I don’t even know how she will react? Whatever it may be, Mahi is my daughter!

I know, I have lots of confusion in mind. I need time and my space to come out of it.

We have a long way to go and how long will Mahi follow her mother. Now that she is a part of our family, we need to discuss the issues where we have different opinions. Maybe by discussing we may come to a common point.

My mother used to say instead of carrying harsh feelings, it's always better to argue on the points.

After all we both are the main pillars of the Narkandi family. Mahi carries the responsibility of maintaining the name and prestige for our family.

The matter is not only of her dressing style but the matter is of our different lifestyles which need to be matched somewhere, and I know no other person can make it happen. We both need to have a discussion, because we both are partners in this!

About the Author

Ms. Hitangxi Bhuta

Hitangxi Bhuta is an avid blogger and expert in two-line and four-line poetry. Her belief in writing and positivism coupled with her practice in Reiki and Tarot reading has empowered her healing therapies for people approaching her for emotional and physical energy balancing. Over the years, she has made it her purpose of life to spread positivity through the power of words.

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