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Motherland is dearer than everything

By Sparkian Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributory author for Spark Igniting Minds

Ajay Singh…. Ajay Singh… open your eyes buddy.

Balbir constantly wakes Ajay Singh to keep his consciousness up until they reach the medical centre of the camp. Ajay Singh’s half opened eyes, went deep into his emotions. Divya appeared in front of him with her smiling face talking about her baby in her womb. My dear baby, do you see this moochewala! He is your dad. I will introduce him to you now itself and say Hi to your dad baby.

Are you awake Ajay! Look at me says Balbir running hurriedly. In an unheard tone Ajay acknowledged. Soon he ran into the past, his mind was in that time when he proposed Divya, near college under the tree. The young man went towards the group of girls and said excuse me Divya! Divya in a red dress smiling beautifully turned around and was looking at Ajay astonishingly asking Ajay, “Me?” Yes, said Ajay quietly. Can I talk to you for five minutes? politely he asked. Divya walked slowly while girls were teasing her “Chakkar kya hai.”

They both walked little farther from the group and stood near the Boxwoods. Both looked at each other, with a confident eye contact Ajay said, “I love you Divya, I want to marry You”, in a steadily and firm Voice. Divya was his junior and she doesn’t know anything but for his name. In a happy, scared, perplexed state of mind Divya stood silently looking at Ajay. Acha I told what I had to tell, take your time and let me know your decision by tomorrow bye for now, said Ajay and left from there.

Lieutenant General Ajay you have reached medical camp no need to worry you are absolutely fine said Dr. Harish Joshi. In semi-consciousness Ajay looked at Dr. Joshi. This is nothing Mr. Singh you will be fine soon Dr. Joshi comforted. Ajay! I will go to the field now. You get healed soon and come back buddy. You are needed there, said Balbir. Just a day before Ajay received a message from home saying Divya delivered baby boy. Both mother and baby are safe and fine. He couldn't talk to any of his family members due to his on duty near the borders. With anesthesia three bullets were removed from the chest of Lieutenant General Ajay Singh. After few hours he opened his eyes. All he could see was the medical camp little away from the field. The news was kept secret that Lieutenant General was shot and he is under medication.

In Lieutenant General Ajay’s family, his father and grandfather both served as an Army Generals. It was running in his blood that he should join the army. He was restless till he joined the army forces and now to serve the country. When he was kid his father always used to salute his son by calling him General Ajay Singh and also said Indian Army is proud of General Ajay Singh for his courage on the field armies. He grew in the environment that he was born to become General.

Ajay Singh recollected all golden memories he had in his heart. As a child Ajay Singh played military games with his friends. They all first salute our flag and sang our National Anthem. Later searching under the bushes they catch the enemies. After growing up Ajay’s childhood dream was fulfilled. The war started. Under Ajay Singh’s control active battalions thousands of sainiks were ready with weapons and camouflaged uniforms in that tough cold. The area was surrounded by enemies. Our jawans fought hard and caught those terrorists who were hiding in the icy heights. The National Defense Army is one of the pillars of our country. He joined the army with a deep respect for our country. He ought to get that courage since he has been nurtured by a brave mother and a grandmother. His grandfather died in war when his dad was 4 years old. Grandmother was always proud of his excellence and his service to the nation. His dad successfully and dignifiedly completed many operations and now he is retired from his services after serving the country for more than 25 years.

Ajay was restless to get back to the war field but Dr. Joshi insisted on resting for another two days. He was collecting all the information from the war field and giving the needed suggestions from remote. He just recollected how the bullets dared to enter him. Behind the trees jawans are hiding from the notch of the hill enemy troop killed many jawans from different angles. Ajay Singh turned towards the right and bullets hit him. Balbir, his colleague, has tremendous respect for Ajay Singh Rathod. He saw a bullet hitting him and immediately took him aside below the tree behind the big rock. The sounds of bullets were terrifying. Still not stopped but Balbir took responsibility to take him to a medical camp away from the field.

Ajay Singh sitting in the medical camp, with his wounds he was concerned about the war and the sainiks. Each minute Ajay Singh was feeling bad to see soldiers wounded and dying. He sketched the plan to attack enemies with a big paw after he goes back to the field. Mobiles are not allowed because enemies would trace their place. He did not receive any information from home after he knew that the baby was born. His thoughts slide to home. How Divya would be feeling now? Is my baby looking like me? He should look like me but let his smile be like Divya’s. She looks amazingly beautiful with her smile. Then again he remembered after his proposal the next day Divya came to Ajay and told if you want to marry me you should talk to my parents. Without any delay Ajay went to Divya’s house and spoke to her father that he loves her and he would like to marry her. He told his intentions to join the army. He convinced and requested her father to wait till he took charge in the army. After 4 years he married Divya.

In the meanwhile the Emergency bell rang. Now Lieutenant Ajay Singh Rathod couldn’t stop himself. Next moment he was on the field. Later 15 days of tough war happened. With the finesse of lieutenant and his subordinates directed by Generals and field Marshal lieutenant Ajay Singh Rathod was victorious in his war against terrorist attacks near Himalayas. Behind this great success we lost many soldiers.

This time Ajay Singh Rathod was lucky to come back home. He hugged his son, as he thought he looked like him and smiled like Divya. That evening was blessed to have biscuits and tea with the family, talking dearly after a long time.

Not every war they fight would give opportunity to meet their family again. Soldier’s family doesn’t know if he comes back alive or will come wrapped in the National Flag. They are never bothered about their life. It’s an unconditional service to the country. We all are safe because of each soldier guarding our country from enemies.

जननी जन्म भूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी जय भारत

About the Author

Ms. Roopa Rani Bussa

Roopa Rani Bussa is a homemaker living in California and is a nature lover, the beholder of positive power, a believer of social services, a Passionate teacher, and a well organized passionate writer.

The journey of writing began a few years ago and she considers it an honor to carry forward the legacy of her father. She writes quotes and poetry in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi English, and Urdu.

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