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Nurture the Agriculture

By Sparkian Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Looking at the scorching sun and the cracked ground Ramnath sat in the middle of the fields. The sky is as bright as beam light and as clear as the water. His anticipatory plaintive voices hitched from inside, his Mouth couldn’t speak a word but eyes are expressing the melancholic afflictions. One portion of the fields had bent yellowish frowning parched groups of paddy plants. In other crows are cocking amidst Ramnath’s quandaries clutched between necessities and emotions. Whole day he sat there without finding any direction for his future.

As it started getting dark he walked towards his home recollecting Sharada’s words. “Life in metro is beautiful it seems, our neighbor Sujata’s son is working in a big industry in Mumbai. She visits him often. She says you get water on tap no need to go to fetch from well or rivers. There is no power cut. All shops are open till late in the night. All are so well dressed. I also want to go to the metro, after getting married to you all my happiness went on stake. And on top of it, two children. Oh! Listen, our life is almost done but think of our children’s lives. They need to live a good life unlike us. If you agree we can go to the metro, Sujata’s son Parth said he can get a job for you in the same industry he works. There are no symptoms of rain in the near future, what will you do with your lands? It brings no money each day it’s getting difficult to get food. This is all my fate! My father looked at those waste lands and married me to you. You and your archaic sentiments talking to you is equal to talking to that stone lying. Some day that stone can also talk but not you!” Sharada Rebuking…

Next day morning when Ramnath was ready to go to the fields, one of his friends came running - “Ramnath Ramnath! Did you hear this?”

What’s the matter Somu? Ramnath asked curiously.

Employees of Agani industries are roaming around your and neighboring fields, Somu said.

Is it? What for Somu? Ramnath questioned astonishingly!

Ramnath! They came here to buy the lands from all farmers of nearby fields to put up their branch of industry. They need good water supply. Your fields are near river Bhadra.

Hurriedly! Ramnath ran towards his fields. They measured all around and marked with white powders and further made plans to buy farmers and their lands. One of the Agani employees came with the bag and started bargaining the price of land even before Ramnath was ready to sell his lands. It was a kind of coerce on farmers. Agani employees knew about their poor status and they also knew that previous year there were no rains. In the farmers absence they also started to lure the wives of farmers by making distorted promises that they provide one job per family in the industry. They promised to build hospitals and schools in future.

Sharada had already fallen in the pit of Agani. She started insisting Ramnath to sell the lands. We will be fools to let go this opportunity. We get lakhs of rupees which we can save along with getting a job in the industry. Besides they are also building hospitals, our children will go to posh schools just like children in metro. Agree to this and also tell your fellow farmers to change the village to city by selling lands.

Ramnath was getting pressure at home and also from Agani. Even though he wasn’t willing to sell his land due to the peer pressure Ramnath accepted to sell his lands. That night he told Sharada that he wanted to spend the night in his fields because from tomorrow it’s going to be someone else’s land. Under the moonlight Ramnath with eyes full of tears holding some soil in his palm said these words – “Mother Earth because of you our family made its living. I’m such a fainéant I agreed to sell you, for those peanuts they are giving.” With lots of dolor in heart he just sat there and looked all over the fields.

Early in the morning there he heard huge noises, people shouting. Ramnath saw the black smoke spread all around. Out of fear he went near the group of people and asked what happened? One of the villager told “Parth our Sujata’s son committed suicide by burning himself.” Raam raam! Why? What is the reason? Ramnath asked. Industry owners made him work in heavy chemicals for four years by paying little more labour. Parth wanted to live a good life with more money and he left the metro. By inhaling those strong chemicals his lungs got damaged and in that unbearable pain he did this to himself.

After hearing this, Ramnath decided strongly that he will not sell his lands. If his children don’t go to posh school then also it is fine at least they will be alive. Ramnath said to other farmers, by selling this land this village will have to face the same as Parth did. They pollute river Bhadra with heavy chemicals. That will spoil the whole villagers’ health. Nonetheless, agriculture and farming is our main occupation in this tropical region. One year if there are no rains I will not get dejected. I will make proper effort to cope up with the situation. Ramnath also explained how industries will spoil the environment. All farmers agreed to Ramnath. They started helping each other to bring good crops. Though they didn’t have a very rich life they lead a healthy life.

As all the farmers put constant efforts in growing crops, the village again turned green and started receiving proper rainfall every year. By knowing the snake in the grass at the right time, villagers could save their village, their lands and their occupation.

Agriculture is the backbone of our country. Preserve it. Never get sold for the gold plated peanuts.

About the Author

Ms. Roopa Rani Bussa

Roopa Rani Bussa is a homemaker living in California and is a nature lover, the beholder of positive power, a believer of social services, a Passionate teacher, and a well organized passionate writer.

The journey of writing began a few years ago and she considers it an honor to carry forward the legacy of her father. She writes quotes and poetry in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi English, and Urdu.

Visit her at

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