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By Antara Kar

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The audible whispers

"egoistic", "ambitious", "pompous"

shaking the lows of her life.

Fearful she walks down the aisle

silently shunning the evil eye

Shame for not being wanted or loved

moaning in darkness to find the sunshine.

wondering if she could ever be tagged worthy

Sudden arc of the rainbow

after a petrichor of the first rain.

A voice of whisper in her ear

"I am here"

"I am yours, all yours "

Whisper shifts to roar.

The voice grew louder

and said, " You are worthy,

You are strong. You are forgiven."

He loved, caressed, empathized

To him, she was flawless.

Shame no longer sneaked in her heart

She rose like a phoenix

each day, allowing the sun

to kiss her beautiful skin.

She smiled and said " I'm back to life."

(Featured Image by Chris Martin from Pixabay)

About Antara Kar

Ms. Antara Kar

Antara Kar is a techie by profession and an author/ poet/ blogger by passion.

Her writing career started with fiction that she penned for a local magazine.

Blogging was always on her bucket list, and eventually, with panache and flair, it became a reality.

She is best known for writing articles, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and more. When not absorbed with a page-turner, she finds interest in cooking, traveling, sports and fitness.


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