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Sound as medicine

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

By Sparkian Dr. Sujata Singhi

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Excerpts from the Amazon no.1 international bestseller book, “Power of Sound”-Dr. Sujata Singhi, Author, D.Litt. in Musical Arts, Doctorate in Sound and Music Therapy, Spiritual Scientist.

“Once you are meditative, music will naturally be a part of your life. Everything is vibration, everything is sound”-Sadhguru

A temple bell rings sharply for over 7 seconds effecting the 7 major chakras in the body.

“aagamaetanthu devaanam gamanarthantu Rakshasam kurve gantarvam thatra devadahwana Lakshanam”

‘I begin worshiping by ringing the bell and praying to almighty that the divine come within me and the demon departs’

Almost every Indian worship begins with the ringing of the bell which connects one’s soul to the holy spirits. As soon as one enters the temple all the negative forces acting are wrecked.

The sound of the bell is created in a specific notation of “Om” which resonates and reverberates in the body bringing about a state of neutrality and inner peace as soon as one’s ears are blessed with the voice of the bell.

This scientific sound of the bell is because of the finely crafted structure with specific metals like copper, brass, zinc, iron, cadmium, mercury, and many other alloys. These bells were scientifically created using the right composition of the metals to create the right sound which would resonate in the body and create an instant transformation before entering the temple.

The vibrations of the sound of the bells create a brain entertainment bringing about harmony and conjunction between the right & the left lobes of the brain and opening up the various potentials of the brain.

This enables one to reconnect oneself to their higher wisdom and inner selves.

The ancient Indian wisdom was beyond the understanding of science before but now it has proved the scientific aspects of the bells in the Hindu Temples.

Sound healing with gongs, bowls, bells, musical instruments is about creating specific notations in a synchronized manner to create cellular reverberations in each and every cell of the body. During my research with sound for curing diseases like cancer and autoimmune disorders, it was noticed that certain specific vibrations boosted the immune system of the patients and recovery was very quick even in the cases termed as the third and fourth stage. This has given hope to mankind that every disease can be addressed with sound with effective results. Sound as a medicine activates the self-healing mechanism in the body.

It is imperative that the right methodology of sound and music healing is practiced to achieve greater benefits. Sound which heals can also disrupt the human body as expressed by a few patients.

A 35-year-old woman complained that her migraine had surfaced after receiving sound healing from a sound healer. When probed further, it was evident that the sound therapy administered on her was not as required and this flared her discomfort. Sound is medicine. It takes a proper understanding of training for one to practice it effectively.

Sound waves are used in lithotripsy to break the kidney stones. So, sounds are used to make and break.

Sound as Medicine:

Chanting, clapping, playing the drums, gongs, bells, didgeridoos have been used by various ancient civilizations for promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Sound and music play an integral role in community living. The vibrations created by the sounds have acknowledged as epitomes of knowledge and universal manifestation. The “Big Bang Theory” has proven that the whole of the solar system came into existence with the power of vibrations of sound. The sound of silence, as we call “meditation” is about silencing the outside sounds to listen to the inner sounds created by the innate self.

Scientific understanding of Sound medicine:

To understand the science of sound medicine, we need to understand the connection sound and brain waves. Brain waves are electrical impulses that work as a network acting in unison and interacting with one another. Our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors are given a shakeup when sound waves are introduced.

There are four brain waves that aid healing.

In fact, they are the different stages of relaxation wherein the different parts and levels of consciousness are activated. They are:

1. Gamma waves (38-42 Hz)

2. Beta waves (14-30 Hz)

3. Alpha Waves (8-13 Hz)

4. Theta Waves( less than 5 Hz)

Gamma waves are the fastest of all the waves mentioned above and aids learning from different parts of the brain and once it gets profound, it leads to expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Beta waves enhance concentration levels, alertness, and visual acuity. Alpha waves take one to the resonant frequency of the earth's magnetic field called the “Schuman Resonance”. When one vibrates at this frequency overall balanced level of wellness is experienced. The self-healing mechanism begins at this level. Theta state helps peak up the intuitions, creativity, and ESP along with deeper learning.

Sound frequencies as induced by the healer and received by the brain are different. The electric pattern in the brain changes the frequencies induced as monitored by the EEG machines. When 220 Hz and 200 Hz were induced, the binaural beat frequency produced by the brain was 20 Hz. Further the brain EEG showed that both the right and left hemispheres of the brain showed increased activity of 20 Hz with equal frequency and amplitude.

Further, sound researchists across the world have also conducted experiments on understanding the effects of sound therapy and its co-relation to the secretion of the happiness hormones serotonin.

Sound and music which was considered purely for entertainment have now been scientifically proven as an important tool for healing and well being.

In the current scenario, when the world is facing a health crisis, simple methods of sound healing can be practiced on a regular basis which would help the mental, physical and emotional well being.

1. Chanting the “OM” or “AUM”

2. Clapping

3. Ringing bells

4. Playing musical instruments like drums

5. Listening to my app on raising immunity and bringing in overall wellness.

This app has been developed to help all in maintaining their balance and raising their immunity. As of now, it is given free of cost as a contribution to make this world gain health and wellness. Those interested in the app, kindly leave a message on Whatsapp +919820649229. Do read my book, “Power of Sound”-Dr. Sujata Singhi to understand more about this ancient and miraculous healing modality. Details of the same can be found on my website

About the Author

Dr. Sujata Singhi

Dr. Sujata Singhi is the Chief Facilitator for National and International Retreats where people from far and wide come for their well being and spiritual evolution.

She conducts various workshops from fundamentals to professional sound healing to becoming a certified trainer. Being a third-generation musician, she has been attuned to music training from the age of 5 and has created miraculous healing with the power of sound.


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