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The Arrogant Princess

By Vaishnavi .V. Dixit Once upon a time there was a princess well known for her Knowledge and Beauty. She was sweet and kindhearted. She was nice to everyone around her. But as time passed, The Kindhearted, Loveable princess turned into Arrogant, Proud, Mean girl. The King named Eric, who was about to pass down the throne to his daughter, became worried about how she would rule over the kingdom. So, one day, the King paid a visit to The Fairy World, to meet his friend, (A fairy) named Emerald. He asked the fairy to teach his daughter a lesson, in hope that his daughter would change her behavior. Emerald agreed. And one day the fairy visited the princess’s room and met princess Scarlet, asking her, what she wanted in the whole world. So, Scarlet replied that she wanted all the greatest riches. Emerald agreed but said she had some conditions. Scarlet agreed and asked what the conditions were. Emerald said that she had a test and if the princess passed it , she would get whatever she wished . The Princess agreed. And the fairy took Scarlet into a Grand Palace which was large room full of paintings. Emerald said, “Princess Scarlet, choose one of these magical paintings, you will appear in that place. Stay there for few days, then you can return . Let me know, what have you learnt from your stay. I will appear again after you have returned from you trip.” Saying this, fairy disappeared into thin air. The Princess chose a beautiful scenery with many mountains in it . And within seconds she was standing right in front of the huge mountains.It was cold and it was snowing heavily. Princess Scarlet, who was overfed and pampered, thought there would be servants all around her. So, at this point of time, all her knowledge was of no use.

Then, she called out, “Servant! Bring me a jacket! Uh! I don’t know what dumb things you would be doing, lying around” she said arrogantly. But with no one around her, all her calls for help was useless. She could only wait for someone to rescue her. Luckily there was a small cottage nearby. The Princess, freezing in cold ran towards the cottage and knocked on the door continuously until someone opened the door. It was a girl named Amelia, about the same age as Scarlet who let her in. She gave a blanket for the princess and gave her some clothes to wear which were warm. Seeing this, Scarlet was surprised because, all the people whom she met were always either rich or from the same level in which her family was in. But in Amelia's house, it was totally different. All her family members wore torn clothes. They were extremely poor. Although she saw all this and wanted to go out of the place immediately, she remembered the fairy’s words and asked Amelia if she could stay in their house for a few days. The family heartily agreed and welcomed the princess over the days, Princess Scarlet saw how humble, noble, kindhearted, honest the family was. Seeing all this Princess Scarlet was completely transformed. She returned home and the fairy Emerald appeared and asked her, “Do you still want the riches you asked for?” Scarlet replied “No, right now I only want to apologize to all the people to whom I have been rude to, all these years”. Emerald was happy and said, “They all forgave you days ago, when you started helping the people in that poor family. Now go, you have got somewhere else to be. You have learnt your lesson dear. AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi is among the youngest writer of Spark Igniting Minds studying in 6th standard at Poorna Prajna Education Centre, Krishnanagar, Blore. She is good at academics , interested in reading books, narrating stories and her hobbies are learning Hindustani classical music & Vedic Chanting. Her favourite sports activity is swimming.



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