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The land of enchanted souls

By Manju Chandra

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The Land of Enchanted Souls, Kailash is the centre of our universe also called axis mundi, a point of connection between the earth and the sky. Timeless sages live here. The dream pilgrimage of every Hindu Shiva devotee. The journey to this least explored path is mysterious, thrilling, fulfilling and challenging in its own way. This swastika mountain is a seat of all power. It’s one of the world’s toughest pilgrimages and tests the metal and resolution in a person. No amount of preparation prepares you for this journey, for it can be undertaken and completed only by complete faith and surrender to the divine. This Journey is full of unexpected things.

There are no facilities of modern life. I had envisioned myself in front of Lake Mansarovar and holy Kailash. The moment I touched the pious land of Tibet, it felt like going back in time. Purity of lake Mansarovar kind of mesmerised me and I was enthralled by its beauty and stillness. It glitters like a huge diamond and hypnotises with its beauty and calmness. The dip in holy water filled my being with a strange peace. During the night between 3 am to 4 am, three orbs of light came and took a dip in the holy lake and left, it left us all amazed and stunned. Our hands couldn’t touch cameras to record it.

We were all spellbound with what we just saw. Early morning scene at lake Mansarovar feels as if you are inside the imagination of a scenic painter. I can’t compare the beauty and charm of this lake to anything else. Having travelled across continents, I can confidently say, this tallest sacred fresh water lake fed by the Kailash glaciers is the most beautiful lake in the world. It pulled me in like the calling of a loving mother. The parikrama around Kailash takes 3 days. The sheer toughness of the journey discouraged 60% of the people, who choose not to go for parikrama. Weather changed in mysterious ways. It was very foggy at the dawn, cloudy in the morning, sunny for few minutes, it also rained and drizzled with some hail and snow.

Every step revealed a different mystery. With every step there is a strange attraction which can’t be explained, Kailash kind of pulls you. It felt like somebody is watching over me, and inspiring me to move on. There is an acute shortage of oxygen, even calling somebody’s name is a challenge. Every breath turns into a prayer. When I looked at Mt. Kailash after completion of first day and trekked a little higher to have a closer look, it felt like it doesn’t belong here. It has come from somewhere. It’s completely different from its surroundings. There is nothing like that in the entire region.

Second Day is the toughest journey. Dolma pass is the extreme test, it tests the metal in you. Never in my life have I been so slow, felt so dizzy, my eyes were closing on their own, stomach was crunching, lungs were paining. There is no mate, nobody can walk with you in this journey, you are on your own. I felt so powerless and so tiny against those huge towering mountains. Taking those tiny steps and chanting Om Namah Shiv with every breath I could take, I reached my inner silence. I didn’t miss anything or anyone. It left me in a desire less state. A strange stillness overtook me and I felt his calling. Esoteric forces are felt here, and nature is very unearthly and feels like a different realm, like some other planet.

View is beyond imagination. There are spirits in the form of concentrated forces. This experience is transformational. In Tibet everything is different, barren landscapes with surpassing beauty. Crystal clear waters, absolute stillness, raw nature, solitary locations and a great grandeur. It is the seat of all powers. Even barren mountains feel alive, some strange energy envelops you. This journey can’t be completed on our own. Divine help is there. Different sounds were rhyming in my ears. It felt like a timeless state. A different realization dawns here. The more I moved towards it, the more alive it felt and a realisation that it is communicating with me. I overcame my mental challenges. Every step you take towards the majestic mountain opens a new gateway. There are different force fields and every time you pass through one of them, it seems to open for you. The journey is dangerous, and some people die en-route. This journey is an ultimate test of our will, spirit and faith. Seeing people die and get very sick on the way and still have the courage to move on felt like the biggest test of my life. Every step here is a struggle. All my power and strength was used to reach that ultimate divinity.

Time stops here. I found myself lost in wilderness, wondering about my purpose of life on earth. All the problems that inhabited my mind had vanished. It felt like invisible energies inhabit this place and guide our path. Every step towards KAILASH brought a new lease of life. This journey is so special and life changing for me.

My perspective towards life has changed. I know I am special and I have a very special purpose to fulfil and just as Lord Shiva called me to his abode in a unique way, he will guide my path in his own way.

Om Namah Shivay!

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About the Author

Manju Chandra is a content strategist, a technical art enthusiast, and a passionate writer with a vision to collaborate and promote art and design enthusiasts worldwide. She has co-authored three books and has gifted her art piece to Dr. Kiran Bedi as well.

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