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The ‘R Fear of Corona

Updated: May 20, 2020

The reality of relationships is the real fear of the breakdown. Suddenly there is no place to hide from your partners and family. The everyday routine which was our escape from the brokenness in our most intimate relationships is gone.

Issues, events, feelings that for the longest time were buried in the mundane have no place to hide. We are now forced to acknowledge the distance and strangeness we have in our closest relationships.

Inadequacies and shallowness of relationships are becoming obvious. Partners who were sharing our lives are strangers, we know nothing about it. No real bonding and connection are the truths, we can no longer hide from. The deafening silences in each other’s presence are hard to ignore.

The world as we know it will change post lockdown. Covid-19 has brought life to a standstill. Work, money, and all things materialistic seem insignificant and small. Somewhere deep down a voice has risen, questioning our choices and ways of living. Maybe it is the voice of conscience. Maybe frustration or maybe just boredom. But for the first time, we are hearing and listening to ourselves. The sheer loneliness felt in the continuous presence of our partners cannot be ignored. Maybe the only thing we need to have post lockdown is COURAGE.

  • Courage to accept that our choices were wrong.

  • Courage to accept mistakes, courage to end relationships that take away our self-worth and respect.

  • Courage to accept the fear and find the strength within, that whatever we may have been, we deserve to better ourselves, we deserve to be loved, we deserve to mend mistakes and most importantly we deserve to be true to ourselves.

May each one of us find that courage to start a new. Let each one of us believe we can better ourselves and our past mistakes need not define us.

Let us be ‘OK’ with ending relationships that make us less worthy. We deserve better, we deserve a second chance and we deserve it now!


That last glance, the last kiss,

You were my heart, my soul,

My everything.

Suddenly, the sun was bright,

And rainbows drowned the rainy skies.

You were no longer a stranger,

You were finally mine.

Then I erred,

Yes, I take the blame.

I hurt you,

But it tore my heart the same.

Memories did not matter to you,

My mistake clouded your being.

Am I this worthless I wonder aloud,

The mirror says no, do not give up being proud.

The last glance, the last kiss

For you were maybe never mine.

Just a stranger meant to pass me by.

(Featured Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

About the Author

Arzoo is our guest writer. She has shared some of the experiences on the relationships in her blog during the lockdown. There are a lot of takeaways from the blog. Please do share your experience in the comments.


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