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Through the Darpan's portal

Through the Darpan’s portal



The princess of Amarnath sat on the couch alone with her friend Vyjayanthi. Fed on the royal cuisine that includes spices, nuts, and berries, at least for two decades, she looked well-fed. Her not-so-red lips were thin but had taken a slight curve upwards and appeared cheerful always. Her eyes small dark and keen told stories of sadness appeared intelligent and had a deep quest for knowledge.  The smooth yet dark thick eyebrows knitted as she peered into the darpan box. This was a magical box, received from her uncle when she went to Ujjain.  It was similar to a time machine of modern times as she deeply stared at the mirror, she saw herself sitting below a leafless tree that stood like a raavan in front of an abandoned palace. Her face appeared similar to what she looked like now but she was in tatters and rags.  Vyjayanthi, the cute-faced friend was at the door of the palace, trying to open with a giant key. Her hair strands stood straight like a ramrod. Her less-draped body revealed her cleavage and her diseased legs. Damayanthi, come closer, I am not able to open the palace door but I see a bright light inside the palace through the keyhole. The key is struck and it is so jammed that I can't move this side or that side. let's run away from here. Though the light is bright, it appears that everything inside is not so safe for us. So both Damayanthi and Vyjayanth turned back and ran. The languid sun was casting long shadows and they ray ran till their shadows turned smaller even without realizing it, they were walking on knee-deep water for some time, and eventually, they were immersed in deep waters. Underwater, they could see the same abandoned palace with the leafless tree in front. Both held each other tightly and entered the palace of lights. And what did they see there? They say themselves sitting in beautiful attires on a couch similar to where they are now. And Damayanthi is with the Darpan box!! 

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