Message from Anjali Mittal

By Anjali Mittal

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

....A simple straight form of energy, I possess.

I am not life or death ...I live somewhere in between.

I feel loved, I feel pain, I cry, I smile, But again I feel nothing...

I do not sleep, nor do I wake, it's just my senses, I feel I should just close to relive.

A movement of life, a gesture of emotion, all is fake, for they all change, nothing is permanent.

What is permanent, is change...

For, the intellect, they say it's a gift, for I feel nothing is me or mine, then I don't carry this wisdom, within me or in my soul.

If I am a traveler here, then who resides here, whose land are we fighting for?

If I go somewhere then who shall stay here forever? I don't know if I am just a fraction or just a reminder to you all...

Probably, here when I go, then forever I shall not return to the same...

Let me see who follows me, or holds my hand ...for I came alone and I know no one shall hold me by my hand...If we all are from the one, the spirit of life, we all are the same.

...It's just another word...

...It's just what I am going through...

...And, maybe, for who knows tomorrow, I’ll free myself to go to sleep.....

This piece of art is so much of love.....yet no one hears it or no one has ever seen this before.....

For I shall visit here again, with a new beginning and a new course of life.....for then again, I shall be staying and keep standing here all alone...

...I came here all alone...

...I shall go there all alone...

About Anjali Mittal

Ms. Anjali Mittal

An old soul, now here, to visit n uncode those mysteries of life, to expiate my Karma n probably to rise n shine.

Anjali Mittal is my name n then, an old saying..." What's in the name ".

For, I shall carry it till I go n reside in the spirit of life.

Gratitude, to hold me, till the last breath of life.


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