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Verve in power

By Roopa Rani Bussa

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The peeps from the snugging clouds,

Sun makes the way forward to loads,

Bright sky with a crimson dose,

Keeps chirps and cheers on toes,

Vigour in the dawns are ingenious,

Triggers the environs with poise,

Green new twigs start afresh,

Waving leaves on stems refresh,

Slowly the garden starts to flourish,

The new moves are to nourish,

Colors enriching the season’s glow,

From gloomy grey to hue flow,

Transformation is the best vow,

Terms take turns with a bow,

Flowers are pulchritudinous,

Fragrances spread chivaroulous,

Spring springing lusters,

Swings back the lovely gestures,

Gardens start emitting rhythmic notes,

Sounds like beautiful anecdotes,

Cuckoo is the guest for us,

Natural singing is a gift for us,

Voluminous melody surrounds,

Resonating tunes astound,

Majestic period of the year,

Everyone would revere,

Many migrants from far places,

Will find Wondrous birds traces,

Lively and Blissful everywhere,

The pleasant experience I swear,

Springtime Motivation is inherent,

Charming blooms make fervent,

The not cold not hot climate is gorgeous,

Numerous pluses prove marvelous,

Vistas are a feast for eyes,

Covered with attractive dyes,

It’s a decorative divergent,

From cold winter’s lethargic gait,

Plants and greenery plays a big role,

Sprouts spurting is an interesting roll,

Let’s all make a small deal,

We all plant some plants with zeal,

Invite ferns in your backyards,

Specially Prettifies the courtyards,

Enjoy the blessings of nature’s piece,

With an unimaginable satisfaction and peace,

Spring Comes with smiles,

Welcome this spright in an artistic style!!!

(Featured Image by Public DomainPictures from Pixabay)

About the Author

Roopa Rani Bussa is a homemaker living in California and is a nature lover, the beholder of positive power, a believer of social services, a Passionate teacher, and a well organized passionate writer. The journey of writing began a few years ago and she considers it an honor to carry forward the legacy of her father. She writes quotes and poetry in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi English, and Urdu.

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