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A flower's day

By Keerthana Venkatesh

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

After a long and peaceful sleep

I awoke with the gentle breeze.

Washing my face with the dew

Awaiting fresh for a day anew!

In the cool breeze, with its gentle touch

I swayed to meet my friends who, very much

Waited just like me for dawn

To break, with a lazy yawn!

The birds have begun chirping now

And the little ones being woken up.

Its time for the dew to say goodbye

With the mighty sun coming by!

My friends- the insects and butterflies

Whiz past wishing us “Hi!”

Oh! How I wish I could fly-

Fly to heights and touch the sky!

Mr. Bumble, hovering around me

Asked, “What’s the matter, li’l dee dee?”

“Oh! Nothing much,” was my reply,

“Only wished I could fly.

But don’t you worry Mr. Bee

For here it’s jocund company.

I have visitors all the time

Which really is very fine!”

“So there you are,” said Mrs. Bee

“And how do you do, li’l dee dee?”

Asked pretty Mrs. Bee

As she flew over from her tree!

“I have a request li’l dee dee.

I need to make a little honey

For my son who’s in Turkey.

Some nectar could you lend me?”

“Oh! Sure I will Mrs. Bee.

Anything for Baby Bee.

After all he saved me from that lad

Who tried to destroy me real bad!”

Time flew by and it was noon.

The warm breeze was soothing too.

Dear leaf sent me my lunch

Which I ate amongst fun!

It was evening

And the birds were receding

To their cosy nests

Impatient for rest!

Goodbye to us the sun waved

With a display of violet, orange and red.

We all waved gently and smiled

And watched him sink to his right!

With the cool breeze cradling me

All I can do is fall asleep

Thanking God from my heart

For this wonderful day he brought!

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About the Author

Keerthana Venkatesh is a passionate writer with a penchant for positivism via thoughts, actions and alternative therapies.

She has worked on the editorial of some of India’s biggest media houses and as content management and marketing head in various corporates.

An avid traveler and a doting mother, she finds inspiration and the energy of positivism through places, people and her daughter which she showcases in her blog titled "This Short Story"!

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