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Dissolving into painful nothingness

By Sparkian Raja Babu

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Slowly, and over time, she made a mockery of my persona,

My hapless lamentations notwithstanding, she dissolved into the ether.

The coiled knife tore into my innards even as I admired her beauty,

The buds started collapsing, and the petals shrunk almost as if on cue.

Still cannot believe that we used to laugh and play, often beating one another,

Today, our bodies, our hearts, our spirits are complete strangers.

And today, as I stand near your grave, I still just lay down the flowers and leave,

If not for anything, can you not beckon me to you,

So that the two of us can dissolve into painful nothingness?

(Featured Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay)

About Raja Babu

Raja Babu, a lawyer by profession, also pens short stories and poems.

He has 400 plus poems to his credit and more often than not, writes melancholy poems that may not match his otherwise positive nature..

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