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Ah! In the moment of truth

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

By Usha Rani Mamidi

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

She lovingly lived a life of free will,

Until she unwittingly fell into a snare,

In awe, she picked the broken gem so rare,

And renewed it with her every fine skill!

With joy so immense, she strung it on her chest,

It kept her heart warmer,

And her soul & mind calmer,

For she reasoned it made her,

Her best!

As fate had to be:

The Gem, in her every loving breath,

Gently poisoned the flesh it laid on,

Every single night and dawn,

Treading her length n breadth!

She was naive to believe,

Only the Gem completes her,

The poison seeped through her mind so tender

She lay bathed in blue deceive!

She now began to feel an other person,

One that was dark, inadequate and cold,

In angst, her heart she dug for the buried pot of gold,

Alas! it lay trapped in a veil of poison!

To restore it, she summoned all of her courage,

For the precious gem, her very hands had to thresh,

It hurt her aplenty, not the bruise of the flesh,

But the burn of the soul damage!

She raised her arm,

whispered a prayer,

amidst many a tear,

For a guide, a lucky charm!

Heard! a lil glowing golden bird soon flew down,

and perched snuggly on her shoulder so slender,

Gently stirring the Divine deep within her,

Nudging to look, beyond her large frown!

Chirping stories of abundant light of lights,

Lovingly urging her to gather her might

To break free from the darkness blight,

Unbridled, to embrace the divine delight!

Quivering, she raised first a finger,

Unsure, she embosomed the bird,

Soon, her lips hummed a song unheard

The Soul eased into a long calm linger!

In that moment, she stood awakened,

Blame not the gem as poison laden,

Know! Deep within her, was a darkness forbidden,

That willed to unleash the evil imprisoned!

In that moment of bliss:

She quit the game of blame,

Conscious that in her very own discretion,

She will witness her very salvation,

If her desires and addictions she calmly tame,

Absolved that it is NOT in the gem,

But is in her WILL to feel complete,

To live miracles in her every heart beat,

See, she must clearly through her minds mayhem,

This moment washed away her every blue

The very knowing, illumined her inner glow

She stood taller, firmly rooted below

Draped gracefully in colors of every hue!!!

-Usha Rani Mamidi

(Featured Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay)

A foot note from the author :

The Gem can be any desire/want/addiction/ intense attachment/Relationships et al.

The Golden Bird: an awakening moment/incident/turning points/Gurus/Books/any Guide in any form et al.. anything that triggers our journey inwards.

Veil of Poison: the evil thoughts/mind chatter/ confusions/expectations/judgements/bias/non-acceptance of what is/bitterness et al.

I opine that there is only one Universal Power- that of GOOD and DIVINE. It can get masked by our mind chatter. the moment we gain awareness of this truth, the true divine self will be REVEALED.

About the Author

Ms. Usha Rani Mamidi

Usha is a Resident of Namma Bengaluru. She is BE, MS(SS), worked for 13 yrs in IT industry. While she worked, she was privileged to be part of Toast master's club and soak in many solo travel experiences.

With changing priorities, she chose to be a home maker which gave her the pace & rhythm to pursue her spiritual journey deeper. A Landmark SELP graduate, dabbled with Pranic healing, Counselling methodologies, Story writing, Content writing etc. She indulges in her creative juices by making art, craft, upcycling, special events and writing.

Her Amma with her subtle way of upbringing has filled her with immense confidence to believe that she can do anything if she intend to do it!

Through her writings, she wish to share life's experience and her views tempered with her learnings. The intention is to deliver various perspectives and influence the audience positively with her work. She find her hygge in celebrating every Moment of Life and being in Gratitude for what is!!

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