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By Nitusmita Saikia

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Hanging in the eyes,

a small blue sky,

A canvas...!

Painted in teardrops,

And one tiny raven born of oozing brush,

Soaring high there,

Towards the horizon,

That dripped blood,

As the sun is set up to die!

Tearing the little space; my very own,

It flies off leaving some scars,

Near the burning heart,

Near the sun like a brush stroke,

There lie a few spots,

A little deep, a bit dark!

My pensive gaze across that emptiness,

Evaporates in disappointment

Looking for the wounded raven,

It dries with no single tear left,

As if a painting in progress,

A sunset that colours in blood of wounded wings,

In the canvas of my eyes in one evening!

(Featured Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Nitusmita Saika

Nitusmita Saika is by profession an instructor in National Cadet Corps, She writes both in English and Assamese. She has been writing poetry for e-magazines like FM online magazine for couple of years.

Her poems have been published in various anthologies under and much more.

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