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Art of fiction writing

By Sahana Sundar

Founder - Spark Igniting Minds

To get the wheels turn, we should know the road below,

To get a novel right, we should create a story flow,

Choosing right sentences to drive your story through,

Surely unfolds your story like the bloomer true,

I know it's difficult to create the suspense and build the pieces,

Bleeding with words will get you the story that a reader prices,

Voice your story with a gripping narrative,

Build your scenes to hold the reader's captive,

Create characters that beat their hearts with the book,

Open the lines of power that keeps audience in a hook!

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About the Author

Captain Sahana is the founder of Spark Publication and Spark Igniting Minds.

Her remarkable literary skills combined with an illumined vision has made Spark the most cherished and charismatic community among the authors of various genres.

Publishing a book with spark will turn your goals into the vision and your zeal into a mission.

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