• Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Be Beautiful

Updated: Apr 14

By Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Not just in your words, but also in your thoughts,

Not just in your actions, but also in your intentions,

Not just in your dreams, but also in your ways & means,

Not just in your wins, but also in your losses,

Not just in your appearance, but also in your deeds,

Not just on stage, but also offstage,

Not just in your attire, but also in your air,

Not just in your taking, but also in your giving,

Not just in your making, but also in your creating,

Not just in what you show, but also in what you hide,

Not just to the world, but also to yourself,

Not just in your pleasure, but in your values,

Not just on your sunny side, but also on the other side,

Not just in your shine, but also in the afterglow,

Not just in your body, but also in your shadow,

Not just in your image, but also in its substance,

Not just on the pedestal, but also in the melting pot,

And when finally take leave,

Mesmerize everyone,

Leave beauty in your wake!

(Featured Image by Chris Martin from Pixabay)

Colour Smoke Rainbow - Free image on Pixabay

About the Author

Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Dr. Vipul is a Public Health Expert by profession.

He developed flair for writing due to exposure to medical education and then compelling scrupulous documentation in Public Health assignments.

Inspired by a zest of a friend into the world of literature, he loves to inscribe momentary rush of feelings...

Just trying, being human!

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