By Shrabanti Ray

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Hi! I am Chhoti A six year old

Enjoying my after life

On the red carpet rolled.

Do you know my story

The one I had on Earth?

Then come, let me tell you

Of my amazing birth.

I was born after two boys

To my mother as planned

Like a drop of rain I fell

With the help of God’s hand.

No sooner did I arrive home

I felt I was not due

My mother in full gloom

My relatives cursing in public view.

Days went by and I grew some feet

Enjoying the love, support and care

Of my Mai and Bapu

That no one could share.

One afternoon I strayed a mile

Running and chasing some bumble bees

A few young boys came after me

They shouted STOP….FREEZE!

I obeyed them in stillness

Thinking it was just a game

But they pulled me to the bush

And pinned me down to shame.

I screamed..I pushed the herd of pain

But I was too weak for their might

One by one they licked me off

Like hungry wolves in sight.

I lay there in sand and rags

My body in shivers and cold

No help came by as close

Was there no one bold?

A lot of time passed away in nil

For I could not gather and sit

Until I heard some cries of guilt

Of my Mai-Bapu and my heart beat.

In the bed at the tiny hospital

Doctors shared the news to tell

The police uncle’s who stood by


I know not what that means,

Is it some disease that got me in?

Or a game that I do not know at all?

I heard everyone calling it a sin.

A few moments that I lay by myself