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By Shrabanti Ray

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Hi! I am Chhoti A six year old

Enjoying my after life

On the red carpet rolled.

Do you know my story

The one I had on Earth?

Then come, let me tell you

Of my amazing birth.

I was born after two boys

To my mother as planned

Like a drop of rain I fell

With the help of God’s hand.

No sooner did I arrive home

I felt I was not due

My mother in full gloom

My relatives cursing in public view.

Days went by and I grew some feet

Enjoying the love, support and care

Of my Mai and Bapu

That no one could share.

One afternoon I strayed a mile

Running and chasing some bumble bees

A few young boys came after me

They shouted STOP….FREEZE!

I obeyed them in stillness

Thinking it was just a game

But they pulled me to the bush

And pinned me down to shame.

I screamed..I pushed the herd of pain

But I was too weak for their might

One by one they licked me off

Like hungry wolves in sight.

I lay there in sand and rags

My body in shivers and cold

No help came by as close

Was there no one bold?

A lot of time passed away in nil

For I could not gather and sit

Until I heard some cries of guilt

Of my Mai-Bapu and my heart beat.

In the bed at the tiny hospital

Doctors shared the news to tell

The police uncle’s who stood by


I know not what that means,

Is it some disease that got me in?

Or a game that I do not know at all?

I heard everyone calling it a sin.

A few moments that I lay by myself

I saw my Bapu pleading with all

Tears of sorrow and wrinkles of dim

My my! I listened to a silent call.

Someone held my hand

And guided me here

Into a candy land and beautiful flowers

I chased the butterflies but had no fear.

Will you share my story, my friends?

Why did I not know the bush game?

The hidden act that older boys do

With little girls in order to tame?

I see from high up

My sweet home down there

Mai cooking dal chawal

A very simple fare.

There’s my Bapu with a glass of tea

Oh! Bapu, can you see me?

I have grown some height and flesh

I am strong as you wanted me to be.

Still, I feel sad at times

And wish to be with you all.

I wish I had a phone, To talk to you all.

A tiny tribute to those little girls who had no place on Earth…a warm goodbye.

About Shrabanti Ray

Ms. Shrabanti Ray

Shrabanti Ray is a teacher, trainer, facilitator,

mentor, poet, crafter, and writer forever.

She loves to create euphonious music and seeks solace in nature. She loves to write blogs, quotes, and poems.

Her work is deeply acknowledged in the writing fraternity.

Featured Image by Pro File from Pixabay

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