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Come back home

By Lish D Ferns

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

A poem to a friend who has gone astray

As I stare at the waves of the sea,

It keeps reminding me;

Of a little part of me,

Which is you, so far, but yet an illusion near me.

As the waves go back beyond to its home,

It may meet some friends at the shore it hits;

But it can always move back beyond,

Which is where it’s home actually is.

Come back, my little, dear, come back,

It’s way past time to settle for an illusion;

Give more of you to someone like you,

Help someone, come back, as you return!

Life is not what has gone,

Neither it is what is yet to come;

All that you have is in this moment here and now to cling on;

Hold on to this, it will help you find your ikigai and right way to sail home!

(Featured Image by Harald Lepisk from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Lish D Ferns

Lish D Ferns has a passion for writing poems way back as a teenager.

She is in a different zone altogether when she write.. a happier and a calmer person when she write, sketch, paint or even connect to theology.

She has won intercollege competitions too.

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